[Fishing] A collection of manuscripts and typescripts of the writings on Fishing (mainly salmon and trout) by Terence Horsley.

Terence Horsley, writer on Fishing, Shooting and Flying
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Many are apparently unpublished (by the Googlebooks test - if published, published item recorded). Most are extensively worked over. Fair condition.The collection includes:a. "The Salmon", typescript, 26pp., 4tob. Carbon copy of a.c. "Approach to Salmon Fishing", manuscript and typescript, 37pp., fol.d. Binder containing i."Gut sizes and descriptions", typescript, one page; ii. Small correspondence with Hardy's; iii. Notes towards "Teach yourself to Fish", typescript, 100p., 4to; iv. Notes, "Where to fish", etc, manuscript, 4pp., 4to; v. Notes, "[chapter] Other kinds and conditions of Trout and how to catch them", manuscript, 10pp., 4to; vi. Further miscellaneous notes on fish or fishing, mainly manuscript, 11pp., 4to. e. "The Laird's Trout", begins "It was a long narrow pool […]"[subject trout], 2 typescripts, 13pp. and 16pp. ,4to. From The Long Flight, published 1947, illus. Tunnicliffe.f. "Dry Flies", manuscript, 13pp., fol.g. "The Story of a Lake", manuscript, 23pp., fol.h. "(Ruddy Continued") manuscript, 13pp., 4to. From Fishing & Flying, published 1947, illus. Tunnicliffe.i. "Nights after Sea Trout", mainly manuscript, 36pp., fol.j. "The Trout Are Small, manuscript, 16pp. fol.k. [No title] Begins "The lanky Scot who was laird […]", manuscript/typescript, 16pp. fol.l. "The L.S.D. of Fishing", manuscript, 22pp., fol.m. "The Glen", typescript, 4pp., fol.n. " A Blank Day", typescript, 100pp., fol. From Fishing & Flying, published 1947, illus. Tunnicliffe.o. [No title] Begins "Years later I spent a night on this pool […]", manuscript/typescript, 12pp., fol.p. "The Places We Love", manuscript/typescript. 5pp., fol.q. [Fly Fishing] Unfinished work in manuscript, probably concentrsating of fly-fishing, with drawings of flies (all in pencil), 38pp., fol.r. "The Burn", manuscript, 14pp., fol, possibly incomplete.Biographical Note: "Lieutenant Commander Terence V Horsley RN was a keen sportsman and glider pilot who flew Swordfish and other aircraft with the Fleet Air Arm during the Second World War. He began to write articles under the nom-de-plume of "Stringbag" and latterly published a series of fascinating books on naval air power, gliding, shooting, fishing and flying. His most outstanding book, "Soaring Flight," was published just before the end of the War in 1944 and his story of the Fleet Air Arm, "Find Fix and Strike followed in 1945. He published his first purely fishing book, "Salmon and Trout Fishing", in 1946, followed by Sporting Pageant: a Gun, a Rifle and an Aeroplane in 1947. His last book The Long Flight, also published in 1947, describes the dramas and romance of long-distance travel by fish, wildfowl and aircraft."Further Note: I still retain Horsley's manuscripts and typescripts which involve shooting and flying which I'm unlikely to catalogue, at least till this collection is sold.