[ Trottiscliffe Church, near Maidstone, Kent. ] Manuscript list by the organist ('J. M. W.') of 'The Tunes used in the Church every Sunday in the year, with the number of the Hymn placed under'.

[ Trottiscliffe Church, near Maidstone, Kent (Rev. Charles William Shepherd (1838-1920) of Trinity College, Cambridge, rector)]
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Trottiscliffe Church, near Maidstone, Kent. From 1872 to 1911. [ In a 'Pettitt's Octavo Diary for 1873', London. ]
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124pp., 8vo., with numerous other lists and other matter loosely inserted on pieces of paper. In shaken binding and on aged paper, but with the contents clear and legible. Accompanying the entry for January 1885 is the following note: 'These written in red ink were played on the Harmonium while the organ was being repaired.' The entries are arranged with the 'No. of Barrel in Organ', the date, and the name (omitted in later entries) and number of the hymn played. For example, on 20 July 1879, the number of the barrel was 345, and the hymns were: 'St Albans 22 | Hadyn 51 | Redhead 428 | China | p.136 iii | Ewings 193'. Among the loosely-inserted items are: the first two pages of a letter from the organist to the rector Rev. C. W. Shepherd, dated 'Trosley [the phonetic spelling of Trottiscliffe] | Sunday', and beginning: 'Dear Mr Shepherd | I will come up & play the harmonium this evening - I was away for ten days & not able to come for the last two Sundays. Will any of the following do for this evening?' Also a card to Shepherd from 'J. W. M. | Maidstone June 27d 1887', beginning: 'Revd. Sir | Would you oblige me some time when you are near Novello's by getting a copy [of] each of the following'.