[ Arthur Boyd Houghton, artist. ] Printed invitation from Gilbert Dalziel, as editor of 'Ally Sloper's Half-Holiday', to view Houghton's 'The Exit of Useless Mouths from a Besieged City', set within an engraving of a detail from the painting.

A. B. Houghton [ Arthur Boyd Houghton ] (1836-1875), artist and illustrator; Gilbert Dalziel [ Gilbert Georger Dalziel ] (1853-1930), illustrator and editor of 'Ally Sloper's Half-Holiday'
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'to be presented to the readers of "Ally Sloper's Half-Holiday"'. Messrs. Vicars Bros., 5 Eagle Place, Piccadilly, S.W. [ London ]. No year [ 1872 ].
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Printed in black, on a 16 x 12.5 cm light-brown ground, on one side of a 21 x 17.5 cm piece of laid paper. In poor condition, aged and heavily worn, with closed tears repaired with archival tape. Made out in manuscript to 'S. A. Forbes Esq'. The text, engraved onto the plate, features in a column towards the bottom right of the print. Surrounding the text, to the left and above, is the engraved detail from the picture, showing a mediaeval town, with a woman leaning out of a window, watching a great column of people being led away (from top right to bottom left) by a soldier with a pike. The text reads: 'Gilbert Dalziel requests the honour of a visit from [S. A. Forbes Esq] and friends to view the picture by A. B. Houghton "The Exit of Useless Mouths from A Beseiged City" which is to be presented to the readers of "Ally Sloper's Half-Holiday" | Open from 10 am till 6 pm | Messrs Vicars Bros. | 5 Eagle Place, Piccadilly, S.W.' Of the painting's display at an exhibition of the Water-Colour Society, the Spectator commented, 27 April 1872: 'Mr. Houghton's picture called " Useless Mouths" (104) is a much more compact composition.. There is less power in depicting character, and the armed man on the right is too droll a figure for the subject, which is apparently the expulsion from a besieged town of women, children, old men, and other non-combatants.'