[ Durham University: University College and Bishop Hatfield's Hall. ] Manuscript double-entry account book (on spine labels: 'CASH BOOK | No. 3' and 'UNIV. COLL. | DUNELM'), covering a ten-year period (1919-1929).

Durham University [ University College and Bishop Hatfield's Hall ]
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Durham University [ University College and Bishop Hatfield's Hall. ] Entries dating from July 1919 to July 1929. Volume contains manuscript memorandum dated 'Council 13. 2. 17 [i.e. 13 February 1917]'.
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346pp, 4to. In a number of hands, in a substantial ledger, ruled in red, in a black leather half-binding, with labels on the spine stamped in gilt: 'CASH BOOK | No. 3' and 'UNIV. COLL. | DUNELM'. Marble endpapers. Internally in good condition, lightly aged, in worn and lightly stained binding. The entries are arranged over 173 numbered openings, with the debits on the versos of leaves and the credits on the facing rectos. The itemised entries cast interesting light on the day-to-day running of the university. Debits include: payment for sherry, wine, whisky, beer, ginger ale, cigars and cigarettes, 'Half Pipe Port'; wages of named individuals; repairs; poor rate; district rate; bills (grocer, butcher, baker, fishmonger, linen, plasterer, decorator, plumber, gas, milk, 'Needlewoman & Wool', 'Bedmakers'); stationery and postage stamps; firewood; eggs; prizes; 'Piano transport'; 'Chaplain Stipend' (named); 'Chimney Sweeping'; 'Carrying Coal'; '36 Men at £1. Castle Clubs'; 'Grabham Lodging'; 'Gyps Lodgings'; 'Window Cleaning'; 'Electric Light & Oil'; 'Garden Manure'; 'Telephone Rent'; 'Insurance Stamps'; 'Washing Sheets'; 'Overdue Subscriptions'; 'Paper Bags', 'Books for Organist', 'Organist Salary' (named); 'College Printing', 'Preparing rooms in House', 'Plate Hire', 'Paraffin Tank', 'Clock Repairs', 'Mustard Pots & Stamps'; 'Sports Fees', 'Lowes Bequest Purchase of £125'; 'Lowe Memorial Bookcase'; 'Tailor Liveries'; 'Licences Servants'; 'Postages & Tips Dinner'; 'Cheque dishonoured'; 'Subs. Debating Soc.' Credits almost exclusively comprise the fees and charges paid to named individual undergraduates: admission fees; tuition fees; terminal fees. There are a few other items in addition to the accounts in the volume. A 4to leaf is laid down over the front pastedown, with a carbon of typed financial details of the 'Allocation of Fees' for 'University College. | Epiph. Term., 1924.' The fees are broken down into 'Full' and 'Semi-Attached', for groups paying at two different rates, with cost of: Commons; Service & Gas; Public Fires; Fire in Rooms; Oil; Detriments; Furniture; Gyps; Rent of Rooms; Subscriptions; Examination Fees; Tuition Fees. A printed list of names, amended in manuscript, is pasted down on the first page, with manuscript note: 'Those on this list pay £37. 10 as being in residence prior to Michaelmas Term 1921. and £7 Tuition Fees'. In manuscript on a slip of paper pasted in at the front: 'Council 13. 2. 17 | It was agreed that as from October 1917 until further notice the annual charges at University College be One hundred pounds and at Hatfield Hall Eighty pounds payable in three equal terminal instalments each of which must be paid during the first week of term. These charges to include Admission Fee, Tuition Fees, Fee for First or Second Public Examination (on one occasion) Board, Lodging, Subscriptions and Gratuities, but not to include the Matriculation Examination Fee, the Degree Fee. Laundry Charges, or Caution Money.' Loosely inserted is a printed list of names from 'UNIV. COLL.', with manuscript note: 'In Residence EASTER Term 1921 | re payment Tuition Fees | Easter Term 7.0.0 | Mich etc 8.0.0'. A second insertion is a 12mo leaf carrying a few manuscript notes.?>