[ The Imperial Visit to India, 1911 to 1912. ] Four numbers of 'Society Illustrated' ('The Foremost Social Paper in India'), one of them containing 'a full pictorial/descriptive Record of the Imperial Visit to Calcutta'., another The Delhi Durbar.

[ The Imperial Visit to India, 1911 to 1912 ] [ 'Society Illustrated', Calcutta; the Delhi Durbar ]
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'Society Illustrated', Calcutta. Vol.1, nos.15-18inc., Dec.1911-Jan.1912. All three published by E. G. Cole & Co., Calcutta, and printed by D. L. Monro at The Calcutta General Printing Co.
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The four items are uniform in layout, the magazine being subtitled 'A Journal of Social, General and Sporting Events'. All folio, the first two (15 and 16) each consisting of 44pp. within twelve pages of advertisements; the third (17) 72pp, the last (18) consisting of 40pp. within 12pp. of advertisements. The four in fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. Produced in the style of the Illustrated London News, and profusely illustrated throughout. The three items are from the papers of Sir Richard Harington, Judge of the High Court, Calcuta. Number 16 carries a portrait of Harington on p.1, and number 15 carries a portrait of his wife (who 'occupies a unique position in Calcutta Society and is widely admired'), also on p.1. No.18 carries the following announcement on the front cover: 'This issue of “Society Illustrated” contains a full pictorial and descriptive Record of the Imperial Visit to Calcutta. As the edition is a limited one secure your copies at once. An invaluable souvenir for yourself; an appreciated remembrance for friends at home. Price Annas Eight.' P.1 carries a photograph of 'The King's Speech, Calcutta, 30th December 1911.' Headings include: 'The Imperial Visit to Calcutta', 'The Coming of the King', 'The Race for the King's Cup', 'The King's Cup', 'The Pageant', 'The Calcutta Pageant', 'Units in the Calcutta Pageant Procession', 'The Imperial Visit', 'The Viceroy's Cup'. No.15 includes a full-page drawing by F. C. Scallan titled 'India to-day welcomes Their Majesties the King-Emperor and Queen-Empress'. Also articles on 'Our Lieutenant-Governor', 'The Belvedere “At Home.”', 'Tollygunge Gymkhana Races', 'Letters from Assam', 'At Government House, Madras', 'A Society Wedding in Calcutta. | Walker – Good', 'Members of the Calcutta Golf Club'. No. 16 carries the following announcement on the front cover: 'Delhi Coronation Durbar. | The Issue of “Society Illustrated” to be published on December 30th will contain magnificent and exclusive photographs of the principal events at the Delhi Durbar taken by a special artist solely for “Society Illustrated.” (as it does). Copies of this issue should be ordered at once. Re. 1-0 to non-subscribers. Free to Subscribers.' It features a full-page photograph of 'Their Majesties hearing the reading of the Bombay Municipal Address at the Apollo Bunder, on Saturday, 2nd December.' Also two pages ('The Land We Live In'), with photographs, describing the arrival of the royal party at Bombay, as well as two pages of photographs of 'The Royal Apartments'. Surprisingly scarce: searches on OCLC WorldCat and COPAC do not yield a single entry.