[Carl Gustave Jung: BBC TV interview on 'Face to Face'.] Six items from the papers of interviewer John Freeman, including two letters from Jung's secretary, psychoanalyst Aniela Jaffé, edited typescript of interview, carbons by producer Burnett.

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), Swiss psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, founder of analytical psychology; his secretary Aniela Jaffé (1903-1991), Swiss analyst [John Freeman; Hugh Burnett]
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Jaffé's two letters on letterhead of 'Prof. Dr. C. G. Jung', Küsnacht-Zürich, Seestrasse 228. 22 June 1959 and 15 September 1960.
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The six items relate to an interview Jung gave to the BBC on 26 June 1959, broadcast in the series 'Face to Face' on 22 October 1959. They are from the papers of the programme's producer, Hugh Burnett (1915-2014). The interviewer, John Freeman was to edit Jung's final work 'Man and his Symbols' (1964). The six items comprise: two letters from Jung's secretary Aniela Jaffé; the typescript for publication of an edited version of the interview; carbons of two letters from the programme's producer Hugh Burnett (1924-2011); and a letter from Edward Caffery of the BBC Copyright Department. In his introduction to the 1964 book on the series Burnett recalls that Jung was 'filmed at his lakeside home outside Zürich' (see the end of this description for another anecdote by Burnett regarding the filming). Hugh Purcell, in his 2015 biography 'A Very Private Celebrity: The Nine Lives of John Freeman' describes the interview as 'an historic coup. It was the only TV interview ever given by the world's greatest living psychologist and founder of the concept of the collective unconscious. He was eighty-four and would be dead within two years.' Purcell also gives an account of how, as a result of the interview, Freeman came to edit Jung's final work 'Man and his Symbols', to which Jaffé contributed an essay. The six items are in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Items four and five with punch holes to margin. ITEM ONE: TLS from Aniela Jaffé to Burnett. 22 June 1959. On letterhead of 'Prof. Dr. C. G. Jung', Küsnacht-Zürich, Seestrasse 228. 1p., landscape 12mo. Typed beneath the signature is '(Mrs) Aniela Jaffé, Secretary'. Addressed to Burnett at the BBC's Lime Grove TV studios. She is sorry that her letter 'caused a misunderstanding: I understood that you wanted to film the garden, and Dr. Jung gave the permission and proposed the time of 2 p.m. But that does not mean, that he himself will be available for a little additional material. I suppose he will be much too tired. But perhaps he will be interested to watch your filming, and – may-be – that you can get a snap-shot of him.' She is certain that the film will be a 'great success – if not with St. Peter's help so also without'. ITEM TWO: TLS from Aniela Jaffé to Burnett. 15 September 1960. Letterhead as Item One, as also typed title under signature. 1p., landscape 8vo. Begins: 'Dr. Jung asked me to thank you for your letter of September 6th asking him to have the planned interview with Mr. John Freeman. | Having been seriously ill Dr. Jung should be grateful if you would definitely give up the plan of a second interview. Although on the way of recovery he really feels not well enough.' She can tell Burnett that Jung 'sincerely regrets not to be able to undertake the new venture, but circumstances don't allow such an enterprise anymore – alas!' She concludes 'With kindest regards in Dr. Jung's name'. THREE: Typed text, prepared for publication, of the section on 'PROFESSOR JUNG' in the book 'Face to Face | Edited and introduced by Hugh Burnett' (Jonathan Cape, 1964). 5pp., on five leaves, three of which are foolscap 8vo, the other 2pp. on cut-down foolscap leaves. Corresponding to the text as published on pp.48-51 of the book. With instructions to the typesetter in pencil and red ink. FOUR: Autograph Letter Signed to Burnett from 'Edward (Caffery for Copyright)', i.e. Edward Caffery of the BBC Copyright Department. Without place. Undated (circa October 1959). 1p., landscape 8vo. A lighthearted missive from a friend: 'Thanks for the Jungory. | I reserve & retain all my rights in and admiration for this series. | Why didn't you cut away (terribly conventional I know) to Jung's hands? I wanted to see them when he was talking. | Come and have lunch one day soon.' FIVE: Carbon copy of the equally-lighthearted response of 'Hugh Burnett, H.29 T.S.' to Item Four. 29 October 1959. 1p., landscape 8vo. After praising Caffery's 'intelligent, perceptive and accurate' expression of 'unqualified approval of my programmes', with an offer of '10% of my commission on them', he writes: 'Actually we did cut away to Jung's hands but unfortunately he had them behind his back at the time (and because of reloading, camera 3 missed them). However in the next programme Augustus John dies in the middle of Reel 3 and we end on a close up of some turned up toes. I hope this meets the bill.' He ends: 'I have witnesses that you have asked me to come and have lunch with you.' SIX: Carbon copy of Burnett's typed response to Item Two. 23 September 1960. 1p., 4to. He was 'disappointed to read it', and hopes 'that later on Dr. Jung will feel stronger and disposed to consider the suggestion again'. In his introduction to the 1964 book on the series Burnett recalls that 'Standing in his garden beside the lake at Zürich, Jung was watching us trying to film the floating captions in the water. This was his favourite place by the jetty, where he came in the mornings to feed the moorhens that lived in the rushes. He leaned on his stick, grinning and puffing his pipe as the pieces of paper sank or floated out of reach. | “Professor Jung,” I said, with a straight face, “I would like to start the film with a shot of you coming out of the lake from your morning swim.” | “Ah, yes,” said Jung, pulling himself erect, “emerging from the unconscious!”