[Emma, Queen of the Sandwich Islands.] Stamped crest on card, with words 'Queen of Sandwich Islands'. In envelope addressed 'For Her Majesty The Queen' with note 'Writing of the Prince of Wales'.

Emma, Queen of the Sandwich Islands [Emma Kalanikaumaka'amano Kaleleonalani Na'ea Rooke of Hawai'i] (1836-1885), Queen Consort of King Kamehameha IV, 1856-1863 [Prince of Wales; King Edward VII[
Emma of Hawaii
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Without place or date. [England, Victorian.]
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On 8 x 11 cm white card. Aged and untidy: the crest has been stamped into the paper in black ink twice, with one attempt deliberately smudged away. The other is 2.5 x 2 cm, and contains the mottos 'UA - MAUKOEOKA - AINAI - KA – PONO' (now the motto of the state of Hawaii) on a belt encircling a monogram of the letter E, the whole topped with a crown, and with a banner at foot with motto 'DEUS PASCIT CORVOS'. Beneath the stamp, in nineteenth-century manuscript: 'Queen of Sandwich Islands.' The envelope containing the item has part of its flap (probably carrying the Prince of Wales's royal crest) torn away, and is similarly aged. On the front, in ink: 'For Her Majesty | The Queen'. Beneath this in pencil: 'Writing of the Prince of Wales'. It has not been possible to definitively identify the writer as the future King Edward VII. See image.