'AE' ['Æ'], pseudonym of George William Russell, Irish nationalist poet and mystic.] Typed Letter Signed ('AE') to Lawrence Wilson, apologising for not being able to publish his poem and referring to 'his friend Wilson in Sligo', i.e. R. N. D. Wilson

'AE' ['Æ'], pseudonym of George William Russell (1867-1935), Irish nationalist poet and mystic [Lawrence Wilson, brother of R. N. D. Wilson [Robert Noble Denison Wilson] (1899-1953), Ulster poet]
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On letterhead of the Irish Statesman, 84 Merrion Square, Dublin; 30 January [no year].
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1p, 4to. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded three times. He explains that he likes Wilson's poem 'very much', and that he would take it with pleasure, but that he has 'got a copy box stuffed with verse, some of it waiting publication for over a year', and that he has 'not the conscience to take more'. He continues, with reference to R. N. D. Wilson: 'I hear from my friend Wilson in Sligo that you are a brother of his. I am interested to know that the talent for poetry exists in two members of the family.'