[Eric Forbes-Robertson, painter, brother of actors Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson and Norman Forbes.] Fourteen items from his personal papers: including army commission and military notice and photographs, and birth, death and marriage certificates.

Eric Forbes-Robertson (1865–1935), painter who studied in Paris with Bonnard and Vuillard, and knew Gaugin, brother of the actors Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson and Norman Forbes
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Between 1887 and 1935. London, Jersey and other locations.
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Fourteen items from the personal papers of Eric Forbes-Robertson, relating to his birth, marriage, death and military career. The collection in good overall condition, lightly aged and worn. In orange card folder. ONE: Copy of EFR's birth certificate ('Sixteen June 1865 | Montfort House'). Islington, 6 July 1865 (copy of 21 December 1893). TWO: Copy of EFR's baptismal certificate. Islington, 9 August 1865. THREE: Printed 'Notice. | To be given to a MAN at the time of his offering to join the Army.' Completed and signed by EFR, 1 March 1887. 2pp, folio. On a single leaf, one side of which is headed 'Questions put to the recruit before attestation.' FOUR: Copy of EFR's marriage certificate, in French. Marriage in the parish of St Helier, Jersey, 17 July 1897, between EFR, 32, 'Artiste-Peintre', son of John Forbes-Robertson of London, 'Litérateur', and Janina Cecilia Flamm, 22, also 'Artiste-Peintre', daughter of Philippe Flamm, 'Avocat', born in Warsaw. In the presence of the artist Robert Polhill Bevan (1865-1925) and his future wife the Polish artist Stanislawa Karlowska (1876-1952). FIVE: Printed short announcement of the marriage, in French, with 'Jersey. 17 Juillet 1897.' in manuscript. Possibly a proof. SIX: Printed 'Dispensatio de Mixta Religione' for EFR and his wife, in Latin, by 'Franciscus-Maria-Benjamin Richard [...] Archiepiscopus Parisiensis', 1 April 1898. 1p, folio. Signed by the Archbishop of Paris, with his embossed seal. Manuscript memorandum up one margin. SEVEN: Letterhead in black and red ink, advertising the dates for 'Forbes-Robertson's Farewell | (Positively his last appearance in these places) | with | Gertrude Elliott in Repertoire'. In envelope, with similar printed advertisement on front, addressed to EFR's wife, at 18 Batoum Gardens, Shepherd's Bush, with postmarked date 12 February 1913. EIGHT: Printed postcard with black and white photograph of thirteen NCOs. By Wakefield Photo Epsom. Captioned by EFR on reverse: 'Made Corporal 19th of March 1915.' NINE: Commission appointing EFR 'Second Lieutenant | Special Reserve of Officers', 20 July 1916. The usual engraved document, with embossed seal and cyclostyled signature on behalf of George V. TEN: Printed postcard with black and white photograph of eighteen officers posing outdoors (six seated with twelve standing behind them). An arrow indicating EFR among the seated men. Two copies. ELEVEN: Folio leaf extracted from 'The Tatler' ('Sporting and Country House Supplement'), 8 August 1917, carrying full-page cartoon by EFR, illustrating a joke titled 'Duty Done. By George Belcher.' ('Officer (to new recruit): Don't you know you should always salute an officer? | Private Smith: You forget I've already said "Good morning" to you once to-day, sir'). TWELVE to FOURTEEN: Copy of EFR's death certificate ('9th March 1935 | 28 Marloes Road'). EFR is described as 'Of 1 Cathcart Studios Cathcart Road. Kensington An Artist.' Cause of death: 'Fractured femur Fall to ground Accidental No P.M.' With the undertakers instructions (directions for funeral and requiem, charges for coffin and cars), written out by the undertakers John Hussey Ltd, Kensington, on their letterhead. Also a newspaper cutting of report of inquest into EFR's death ('Fatal Fall from 'Bus'): '[...] he fell while trying to get on a 'bus and did not realise that he had broken his thigh. Some days later he was taken to hospital and died.'