[ Claude J. Montefiore; Judaism ] Autograph Letter Signed Claude J Montefiore, to Field, mainly anticipating his wedding.

Claude J. Montefiore [Claude Joseph Goldsmid Montefiore (1858–1938), intellectual founder of Anglo-Liberal Judaism, founding president of the World Union for Progressive Judaism ]
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Invergarry. NB | address 18 Portman Sq. W, 10 Aug. 188[6].
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Three pages, 12mo, fold marks, good condition. He begins, I write to tell you that your bestman will [now?] not be able to be best man to anybody else. Yes! I am going to do it myself, the 'it' at which I helped you. | It was only arranged a short few days before my mother & I left London. Her name is Therese Schorstein. She is 21 years old. She was a Girton[iau?]. That is the bare outline of the facts so to speak. But I hope you will ere very long get to know the individual yourself & that you will like her. Our marriage is to take place somewhere about the 12 or the 19th of October. You might attend if you were passing by London then & see what you think of an Israelitich wedding! | The sad side is the partial leaving my mother. I am the last in the house now. She is very good to us both. Of course we shall live as near to 18 [Portman Square] as possible. Otherwise I am very happy indeed. He hasn't found any pupils for his correspondent, asks how things are going, and sends regards to Mrs Field. He says that he and his mother are in Scotland for 10 days, naming his landlady. The McIvers [Montefiore's siter and husband?] are in [?]: neither has been at all well lately, but they are improving in the heights. His failure was disappointing but gives him an opportunity to get strong again. He gives brief news of the Lucases, concluding, Can you imagine me a married man? I find it very hard to picture it. [...]