[Arthur Farre, obstetric physician] Autograph Letter Signed Arthur Farre to Bowerbank [James Scott Bowerbank FRS (1797–1877), naturalist and palaeontologist.], regretfully declining the secretaryship of the nascent Royal Microscopical Society.

Arthur Farre [(1811–1887), obstetric physician.]
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Charterhouse Square, 10 December 1839.
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Two pages, 12mo, bifolium, edges grubby, good condition. Text: Although I am, as you know, much given to microscopic pursuits, and although I wish the embryo society success, yet I am afraid that my engagements, independently of other considerations, would not allow of my undertaking the post of Secretary. I must beg you therefore to communicate in the proper quarter my regret that such is the case, and also my thanks for the honour which the Society intended me.