[Printed handbill.] New Version of the House that Jack Built. [Parallel texts, with the 'old version' in one column, and the 'new version', in circumfluous language, in another.]

[Victorian parody of 'The House that Jack Built']
Victorian parody of 'The House that Jack Built']
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[Without date or place.] [Late Victorian?]
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8vo, 1 p. Text clear and complete. Fair, on thin aged paper, laid down on a sheet of backing. In small type, with the 'old version' of the nursery rhyme, in the left hand column, transformed into a 'new version' of 78 lines of prose in the right-hand column. The first line - 'This is the house that Jack built' - is changed into 'This is the domiciliary edifice erected by John.' The 'priest all shaven and shorn' becomes 'the ecclesiastical gentleman, the summit of whose pericranium was denuded of its natural covering'. Scarce: no copy in the British Library or on COPAC.