Autograph Letter Signed "Herbert Read", writer on art, to [Hugh] Massingham, journalist and editor, about a commisssion to wriite an essay on Coventry Patmore's works..

Herbert Read (1893–1968), poet, literary critic, and writer on art.
Autograph Letter Signed "Herbert Read"
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[Headed] 9 Tipperlin Road, Edinburgh, 2 June 1932.
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One page, 12mo, good condition. ( Iwill try my hand at [Coventry] patmore, & am rather glad it is Patmore instead of Thomson, because he has so much more positive values. And I will try & get the essay done by June 21, though your brother in his original letter said June 30, which is rather better. I agree to the rate of payment, & though I don't press it, should be glad of payment on acceptance because I have to put other work aside to do the essay."