Printed pamphlet issued by the Georgia Committee, and titled 'The Acid Test', containing the article 'The Acid Test for the Bolsheviks' by Robert Lynd, and a list of 'important dates in the recent history of Georgia'.

[The Georgia Committee; C. E. Maurice, Chairman; R. Ellis Roberts, Vice-Chairman; N. F. Dryhurst, Hon. Secretary; Robert Lynd]
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[The Georgia Committee, 3 Adelphi Terrace, Strand, London. 1922.]
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4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. On lightly-aged and creased paper, with short closed tear at centre of gutter. The first page is headed 'THE ACID TEST', and carries an announcement by Maurice, Roberts and Dryhurst, reading: 'The Georgia Committee, first formed in 1906 as the "Georgia Relief Committee," was revived in 1922 by the friends of Georgian Independence, and is open for membership to all supporters of the Rights of Small Nations. | The Committee's object is, primarily, to keep Georgia's claims to independence before the civilised world until the Moscow Soviet Government shall be compelled, by public opinion, or other means, to withdraw its army of occupation from Georgian territory.' Lynd's article ('Reprinted by kind permission of the Editor from "The Daily News," April 11th, 1922.') covers the middle two pages, with the list of 'important dates' filling the last page, ending with '1921. 11th February. Russian Army of over 100,000, without declaration of war, [last four words in italics] invades Georgia and remains in occupation.' One copy on COPAC (LSE) "Reprinted from: Daily News, April 11th, 1922."