Seven Typed Letters Signed (all 'Megan Lloyd George') from Lady Megan Lloyd George, daughter of Liberal Prime Minister David Lloyd George, and Member of Parliament, to J. W. Robertson-Scott, editor of 'The Countryman'.

Megan Lloyd George [Lady Megan Arfon Lloyd George] (1902-1966), daughter of Liberal Prime Minister David Lloyd George (1863-1945)
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Six from the House of Commons, Westminster, and the other from Brynawelon, Criccieth, North Wales. 1942 (2), 1943 (3), 1951 and 1957.
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Each of the seven letters is 1p., 12mo. All fair, on lightly-aged paper, and each with rust staining from paperclip in top left-hand corner of page. In the first letter she thanks him for his 'charming letter', giving her 'a warm welcome as your new colleage'. In the second letter she apologies for being unable to attend a meeting of 'the Design Panel', as she has 'a broadcast on Sunday, and the B.B.C. are clamouring to have the script on Friday'. In the third letter she thanks him for 'enclosing Proof of The Housewives' Ultimatum'. She hopes to have his 'invaluable support': 'I do think it is so important - if we are to have a real report to solve the rural problem!' In the fourth letter she complains of being 'literally up to my eyes during the last three weeks with broadcasts' and other commitments. The fifth letter concerns a coming meeting 'to discuss the relations of Rural District Councils and County Councils'. She is 'very glad to know of every attempt to get more women on to this job'. The sixth letter is written from Brynawelon, following her defeat as a Liberal Candidate in the 1951 General Election (and while still deputy leader of the Liberal Party): 'I have had some wonderful letters from other members of your Party. It was undoubtedly my too continuous support of your Government which was responsible for my defeat.' In conclusion she declares: 'I do not and cannot regret for one moment the independent line I took.' The last letter is written on her return to the House of Commons in 1957 as Labour Member of Parliament for Carmarthen: 'The by-election was so much like old times, that my thoughts too went back to stirring fights of long ago. If only politics could be injected with more of that passion and spirit.'