Signed autograph itemised receipt by William Croslie [wine and spirit merchant, Castle Douglas?], for food and drink provided to 'Fanny Wilson for fathers funeral' in Scotland.

William Crosbie, wine and spirit merchant, Castle Douglas [Fanny Wilson; funerals in Scotland]
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1 October 1810.
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Possibly submitted by the 'Mr William Crosbie, wine and spirit merchant', whose death at Castle Douglas on 15 March 1821 is recorded in Blackwood's Magazine, April 1821. 1p., 8vo. Neatly written out on watermarked laid paper. Headed 'Fanny Wilson for fathers funeral | To William Crosbie | 1810'. Eleven entries for the funeral on 1 October 1812, including two plum cakes, '11 Cakes Short Bread'; '2 Gallons <?> Rum' and '2 1/4 ditto Whisky'; '6 Bottles Old Port' and '6 ditto Sherry'. Receipt of payment on 5 November at foot, signed by Crosbie.