Autograph Letter Signed ('Stewart D. Headlam') from the Christian socialist clergyman Stewart Duckworth Headlam to an unnamed correspondent, discussing 'a dangerous modern mistake' in the interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount.

Stewart Headlam [Stewart Duckworth Headlam] (1847-1924), Church of England clergyman and Christian socialist
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On letterhead of Wavertree, St Peters Road, St Margaret's, Twickenham. 9 July 1902.
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3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Worn and with a couple of pinholes. His correspondent's previous letter included a statement which Headlam would like verified: 'I dont think the ordinary customer is quite such a fool as that statement implies'. He now turns to his correspondent's 'question': 'It is in my opinion a dangerous modern mistake to isolate the Sermon on the Mount from the rest of our Lord's work and teaching: it will only be possible to carry out its "principles" when the Society he came to found is fully established.' He deals with the specific case referred to by his correspondent, which involves 'the Grocer', whom Headlam feels should be prosecuted, 'and if that fails - the Boycott'. Headlam is 'not sure whether the Grocer's is not one of those trades which could conveniently be socialized or municipalized', which he feels would be 'quite in accordance with the principles of the Sermon on the Mount'. He has his 'doubts' regarding 'your "troubled grocers assistant"', who should apply to the English Land Restoration League 'instead of the "Religious Papers"'. If he were to do so he should 'learn the final way out of his difficulties. When the meek - instead of the landlords - inherit the earth things will be different.'