Four printed booklets relating to the Primrose League: 'Who started an Empire Policy?', 'Are you a Patriot?', 'What is the Primrose League?' and 'The Primrose League - Why should I join it?' With mimeographed circular for 'Finsbury Habitation 596'.

[Mrs L. Vernon Sparrow, Hon. Sec., Finsbury Habitation 596, Primrose League (organisation promoting the British Conservative Party,1883-2004)]
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The circular: Primrose League, Finsbury Habitation 596; 7 May 1930. The other items undated, but from around the same period, and all from the Head Offices of The Primrose League, 64 Victoria Street, London, SW1.
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From the papers of the Honorary Secretary of Finsbury Habitation 596, Mrs L. Vernon Sparrow, 20 Wharton Street, WC1, who has annotated the mimeographed circular relating to her branch, and jotted a few notes on the back of the third booklet. The four booklets are all scarce, with no copies of any of them on COPAC. They are printed on aged high-acidity paper, with light creasing and wear; the mimeographed circular is on aged and lightly-worn paper. First booklet: 'Are you a Patriot?' 4pp., 16mo. Bifolium. An attack on 'Communism, Bolshevism and Socialism', which have been tried in Russia, and 'have brought brutality, waste, want, anarchy and slavery in their train'. There is also an attack on 'Communist Sunday Schools, sometimes called Proletarian Sunday Schools', where 'children are taught to disbelieve in God, and to hate man. Religious and patriotic feelings are killed in them almost as soon as they can walk. [...] Then these Communist Sunday Schools have a set of Commandments of their own instead of the Biblical ten. Here is one of them "Thou shalt not be a patriot, for a patriot is an international blackleg."' The last paragraph is headed 'LOOK AT RUSSIA.' and the booklet concludes: 'GOD SAVE ENGLAND.' Second booklet: 'What is the Primrose League?' 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Application form on final page. Begins: 'From time to time the question is asked, "What does the Primrose League represent? | The Primrose League is a political body with a definite objective.' Includes the statement: 'Mr. Stanley Baldwin, who is a great student and admirer of Disraeli, in 1925 became Grand Master of the Primrose League.' Third booklet: 'The Primrose League - Why should I join it?' 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Application form on final page. Begins: 'The Primrose League is a political organisation. | It stands for Religion, Loyalty and Patriotism. | It supports the Conservative Party, [...]'. Pencil notes by Sparrow on blank reverse of second leaf. Fourth booklet: 'Who started an Empire Policy? | Disraeli and the Primrose League was founded to carry on his policy, and has been at it ever since.' 12mo bifolium, with outer 12mo pages (application form on final page), and the central opening forming 1p., landscape 8vo, headed: 'OUR EMPIRE POLICY.' Mimeographed circular: 1p., foolscap 8vo. Headed 'Primrose League | Finsbury Habitation 596. | 7th May, 1930.' Giving the agenda for the annual general meeting on 22 May 1930. Sparrow has written names of proposed officers in pencil on the document.