Two eschatological manuscripts by N. B. Stocker: 'The Book of Revelation Made Easy [...] The World's Crisis at the close of God's Great Stream of Time, showing His Eternal Purposes of Grace.' and 'On the Symbolic Visions of the Apocalypse'.

N. B. Stocker, artist and author [the Book of Revelation; the Apocalypse; Christian eschatology]
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Without place or date. [England, 1880s?]
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Unpublished: no works by N. B. Stocker are listed on either OCLC WorldCat or COPAC. The author would however appear to be the N. B. Stocker who was active in England as an artist from at least 1853 (when he published a lithograph in 1853 titled 'The Emigrants' Return - Lord be praised!') to 1889 (when his drawing 'The Majesty of Woman' appeared). The printed title to Volume One, and references in both works to accompanying charts, suggest that both volumes were intended for publication. Both items in fair condition, on aged paper, in worn and shaken bindings. Both fair copies, written in an attractive and forceful nineteenth-century hand, with numerous underlinings. Volume One: 207pp., 4to, with main text paginated 1-201. With underlining in red, and vignette illustrations of seals in colours. Printed title on three labels, laid down on cover: 'The Book of Revelation Made Easy, With Large Original Diagrams, prepared expressly', 'The World's Crisis at the Close of God's Great Stream of Time, showing His Eternal Purposes of Grace. Illustrated and explained by a Long Prophetic Chart, and various other Addresses.' and '"Behold He cometh with clouds." | A series of Readings by Mr. N. B. Stocker.' Manuscript title on first page: 'Thirteen Lectures on Dispensational & Prophetic Truths of Scripture. Chiefly in Daniel & Revelation, and Illustrated by Various Charts; and Diagrams, &c arranged so that God's Plans & Purposes can be Seen at One Glance. also The Prophetical Scriptures made Easy to Understand in their Fulfilment along God's Stream of Time'. There is an instructive comment by Stocker on a cutting he has laid down in his work, advertising the two books 'Gods Methods With Man' by Rev. G. Campbell Morgan, and 'After the Thousand Years' by George F. Trench. These works are, Stocker declares, 'the only Two Books on Prophecy Corresponding with my Own Independent Views drawn from the Bible iteslf, & not after any particular School of Prophetical Teaching, thus Confirming the Correctness of the Expositions I have given so many yrs. before, & drawing all my diagrams to God's Scale of 1000 Years to A Day, & Corresponding with God's Great Week of Time, & Showing His Purposes of Grace & Love throughout The Ages'. Volume Two: 94pp., 12mo. Manuscript title reads: 'Four Pictorial Readings from Selected Notes on the Symbolic Visions of the Apocalypse or Revelations of Jesus Christ. Illustrated by Large Pictorial Diagrams.' At foot of title page: 'Many of the wood engravings in this book are incorrect.' At the beginning of the first chapter is a key to 'a Large Diagram over 5 ft. Square' intended to illustrate it. Subsequent chapters have similar keys. Bound in with the text are leaves from the book 'Rome's Fate in the Latter Day' by E. J. Onion (1860), together with 28 plates of illustrative engravings by C. F. Sargent from M. Gould.