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[Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896), American author and abolitionist; Vickers, bookseller 334 Strand, London]]

[Early English edition, in parts, of Uncle Tom's Cabin, with introduction titled 'A Few Words to the British Reader'.] Uncle Tom's Cabin. The Great American Novel. To be completed in Six Weekly Numbers, Price One Penny each.

Author not named. The six parts totalling 96pp., 4to. Unbound and stitched together. In poor condition, on aged and worn paper with occasional minor loss. Page 1 carries 'A Few Words to the British Reader', beginning: 'UNCLE TOM'S CABIN is not only the most thrilling Novel ever written in...

[Her Majesty's Customs, 1710-1735]

[Manuscript; Revenue; Customs & Excise ]] The Gross and Net Produce of all the Branches of the Revenue ...[full title below].

[Full title] The Gross and Net Produce of all the Branches of the Revenue under the Management of the Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs in England. Together with an Adjustment of the Net Produce with the Payments into the Exchequer Annually from Christmas 1710. To which are prefixed the...

Economics £450.00
George F. Parker, of the American Public Relations company, Parker and Lee [George Frederick Parker (1847-1928), American journalist and publicity expert].

[ George F. Parker, Public Relations ] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed George F. Parker to Mrs Pike about her little book about her brother and her satisfying lifestyle..

Three pages, 12mo, good condition, closely written. He commends her on the little book about [her] brother which he couldn't put down. It is a most interesting record of a most interesting man. If I should make any criticism at all it would be that it did not go quite fully enough into those...

Isaac Taylor [ Isaac Taylor (1829–1901), son of Isaac Taylor, philologist, toponymist, and Anglican canon of York (from 1885).

[ Isaac Taylor, philologist ] Autograph Letter Signed Isaac Taylor to unnamed correspondent who has invited him to give an account of sll the alphabets in the world.

Three pages, 12mo, bifolium, formerly tipped into an album (hinges survive), good condition. I do not think it would be easy, or even possible to give an account of sll the alphabets in the world within the limits you name. The Indian alphabet alone would more than occupy the whole space. But if...

W. Macqueen-Pope, theatre historian [Marie Lloyd]

[ W. Macqueen-Pope, theatre historian; Marie Lloyd ] Typescript of Marie Lloyd - as I knew her

Typescript (carbon), Seven pages, 4to, good condition. the text as Macqueen-Pope typed it had a good crop of typos (for example, we justvcllaed for we just called), some elision, but just two annotations (the correction of the spelling of weasels, and change of a pub name from the Kings Head to...

Charles Clay [ Sir Charles Travis Clay (1885 – 1978), librarian and antiquarian who was the librarian of the House of Lords Library from 1922–56.]

[ Charles Clay, House of Lords Librarian] Autograph Letter Signed Charles Clay to T. Edwards Jones, about Lord Crewe's collection of William Blake material.

One page, 8vo, bifolium, edges dusted ow good. Lord Crewe (his superior in the India Office) has asked him to respond to T. Edwards Jones's question about Crewe's father's Blake collection. He would have been pleased to be of assistance to you in regard to your lecture on William Blake, but he...

Dudley Moore, comedian and musician, half of the 'Pete and Dud' duo with Peter Cook; Les Tomkins, Features Editor of the jazz music magazine 'Crescendo'

[Dudley Moore, comedian and jazz musician, interviewed by Les Tomkins for 'Crescendo'.] Typescript of 'The Serious Side of Dudley Moore', with second part ('More Music and Moore'), gig review, and carbon of Tomkins letter to editor Victor Graham.

The interview was published in two numbers of 'Crescendo' ('The world's most authoritative music magazine', founded 1962). The first part, retitled 'Music & Moore | Les Tomkins interviews “The Genuine Dud” – was the leading article (pp.18-19) of the July 1966 number of ), with Moore...

Elisabeth Frink [ Dame Elisabeth Jean Frink (1930 – 1993), sculptor and printmaker ].

[ Elisabeth Frink ] One Autograph Letter Signed Elisabeth Frink AND one Typed Letter Signed Elisabeth to Mr. Roberts and Ted respectively (O.E. Roberts), part-time sculptor and collector.

Letter One (Minster House).two pages, cr.8vo, expansive handwriting, very good condition. Text: I am very sorry I have not been able to send you a drawing yet. I have been working very hard this last year for a big exhibition, and apart from that I just have not had a drawing available to send...

[ Dominion Status for India, 1923 ]

[ Dominion Status for India, 1923; Printed] Two handbills relating to Dominion Status/Independence of India. See images for full contents.

Handbill One: [Entitled] Dominion Status for India. The National Conference, one page, 4to, intact with detachable Form of Declaration, very good condition, President Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru. Secretary Mrs Annie Besant, Treasurer Jamnadas Dwarkadas. Detachable Form of Declaration. Sympathising...

History £320.00 India
[Operation Overlord (Battle of Normandy), 1944] 'AQMG (Ops) EASTERN COMMAND' [i.e. Lieut.-Col. Colin Thornton-Kernsley (1903-1977)]

[Battle of Normandy, 1944.] 'Secret' British Army pamphlet titled 'OPERATION “OVERLORD” - 1944 | Report by AQMG (Ops) EASTERN COMMAND', describing 'the part played by Eastern Command in the preparations for and launching of the operation'.

Sir Colin Thornton-Kernsley is identified as author from the first of the pamphlet's seven appendices ('Eastern Command | List of officers principally concerned with plans for the mounting of Overlord'), where he is described as: 'Chairman: AQMG(Ops) Lt. Col. C. N. Thornton Kernsley MP-RA'. See...