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Blanaid Salkeld [ Blánaid Salkeld (1880 – 1959), Irish poet, dramatist, and actor.

[ Blanaid Salkeld; Irish writer ] Autograph A Poem. Contribution (extracted) to an Album with the subject Happiness, Signed Blanaid Salkeld.

Album Page (extracted), 20.5 x 16cm, very good condition. Text: Courage can always better. Let the fatalist | Cry, I have done. | Every poet in his degree is an optimist. | 'The star to its appointed height.' But man's strange spirit - | What seer dares to froeshadow worlds it may inherit? | The...

Pussyfoot and Cuthbert (Scott & Whaley), African-American music hall and radio comedians.

[ Scott & Whaley; music hall duo ] Photograph inscribed Yours sincerely | [Signed?] Scott & Whaley in Cuthbert's hand, and signed individually over their images, Pussyfoot and Cuthbert.

14 x 13.5cm, laid down on slightly larger leaf extracted from an Autograph Album, very good condition. Pussyfoot is at the piano, blacked up (with thick whitened lips!).See image/

Music and Theatre £45.00 Pussyfoot
A. H. Fox Strangeways [Arthur Henry Fox Strangeways] (1859-1948), English musicologist, music critic of the 'Observer' and founder of the magazine 'Music and Letters'

[Arthur Henry Fox Strangeways, English musicologist.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'A. H. Fox Strangeways') to an unnamed recipient, declining to print an article in 'Music and Letters', and providing information about the composer Rauzzini.

Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. ONE (13 January 1934): 1p., landscape 12mo. The 'proposed article sounds the sort of thing', but Strangeways cannot accept it until he sees it. TWO (3 February 1934): 2pp., landscape 12mo. He thanks him for sending the article, regarding which...

Arnold Haskell [ Arnold Lionel David Haskell (1903–1980), dance critic ].

[Arnold Haskell; dance critic] Autograph Contribution (extracted) to an Album with individuals writing on the subject Happiness, Signed Arnold L. Haskell.

Album Page (extracted), 20.5 x 16cm, very good condition. A full page in his smallish neat hand. He starts by saying some general words about Happiness concluding It is something far more than the immediate reaction to a piece of very good news. He can recall many such moments, including family...

Jocelyn Lousada nee Herbert (1917 – 2003), highly influential British stage designer.]

[Jocelyn Herbert [Lousada], stage designer] Autograph Contribution (extracted) to an Album with individuals writing on the subject Happiness, Signed Jocelyn Lousada.

Album Page (extracted), 20.5 x 16cm, very good condition. A full page headed What is Happiness, continuing, Happiness in the abstract is indefinable - but it is also something for which everyone in their lives seems to be consciously or unconsciously searching - I think one should be humble in...

[American Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb, Hartford, Connecticut; Minnesota Institute for the Deaf and Dumb, and the Blind and the School for Idiots and Imbeciles, Faribault, et al loc.

[Nineteenth-century American institutions for the education of the deaf and dumb.] Volume containing 17 printed items relating to institutions at Hartford, California, Jacksonville, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania.

Seventeen uncommon items, all but the last in 8vo, and all bound into a sturdy modern black cloth binding. Typed list of contents laid down on front pastedown. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, with occasional damage to wraps. Shelfmarks, labels and stamp of the Science and Art...

[David Kauffman of East Hempfield township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Dutch; Mennonites of America]

[Sales of farm stock, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1844 and 1845.] Three manuscript lists of 'the goods and chattels of David Kauffman sold at public sale', describing articles sold, with prices and purchasers' names.

For more information on the Kauffman family, see Alexander Harris's 'Biographical History of Lancaster County' (1872), pp.332-335. The family were Mennonites, and originated in Hesse. The most notable member was affluent farmer and bank president Abraham Cassel Kauffman (1799-1886), a member of...

[Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896), American author and abolitionist; Vickers, bookseller 334 Strand, London]]

[Early English edition, in parts, of Uncle Tom's Cabin, with introduction titled 'A Few Words to the British Reader'.] Uncle Tom's Cabin. The Great American Novel. To be completed in Six Weekly Numbers, Price One Penny each.

Author not named. The six parts totalling 96pp., 4to. Unbound and stitched together. In poor condition, on aged and worn paper with occasional minor loss. Page 1 carries 'A Few Words to the British Reader', beginning: 'UNCLE TOM'S CABIN is not only the most thrilling Novel ever written in...

[Her Majesty's Customs, 1710-1735]

[Manuscript; Revenue; Customs & Excise ]] The Gross and Net Produce of all the Branches of the Revenue ...[full title below].

[Full title] The Gross and Net Produce of all the Branches of the Revenue under the Management of the Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs in England. Together with an Adjustment of the Net Produce with the Payments into the Exchequer Annually from Christmas 1710. To which are prefixed the...

Economics £450.00
George F. Parker, of the American Public Relations company, Parker and Lee [George Frederick Parker (1847-1928), American journalist and publicity expert].

[ George F. Parker, Public Relations ] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed George F. Parker to Mrs Pike about her little book about her brother and her satisfying lifestyle..

Three pages, 12mo, good condition, closely written. He commends her on the little book about [her] brother which he couldn't put down. It is a most interesting record of a most interesting man. If I should make any criticism at all it would be that it did not go quite fully enough into those...