[Sir Henry Waterfield of the India Office] Autograph Signed document on the 'Native States' and 'Mode of Acquisition of Political Territories in India', made as Victoria proclaimed Empress of India. With: long autograph sgd list by A. W. Moore.

Sir Henry Waterfield (1837-1913), Financial Secretary at the India Office; A. W. Moore [Adolphus Warburton Moore] (1841-1887), senior clerk in the India Department and mountaineer
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India Office [Whitehall, London]. 20 May 1876.
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9pp., foolscap 8vo. On seven leaves of grey paper, held together with green ribbon, three of the leaves carrying the embossed letterhead of the India Office. First leaf headed with printed text: 'Reference Paper. Statistics and Commerce Department', and numbered in manuscript '408'. On aged and chipped paper, with slight bloom on blank reverse of last leaf. On the first day of the same month (1 May 1876) Queen Victoria had been proclaimed Empress of India, and Waterfield, who at the time was Secretary in the Statistics and Commerce Department at the India Office, needed to assemble information in the face of the new state of affairs. The document is in Waterfield's hand, with the following note by him on the first page: 'Will the Political Secretary be so good as to furnish me with a list of the Administra Reports which are accurately received in his Department, noting which of them have been received for 1874/5? | Henry Waterfield'. (A. W. Moore's contribution, on the same page, and described below, is in response to this request.) The next section, covering five pages, is headed 'Native States'. It carries a list of the names of the states, with a second column naming the region each state is 'In relation with'. Pasted into the manuscript lists are printed slips carrying groups of names. Some of the names are underlined in red ink, with the following note: 'Admn. Reports of the States underlined are received separately in the Political Dept.' Occasional pencil notes and the note at end of small groups of included and excluded states in the total of 475. The last three pages carry a table of the 'Mode of Acquisition of Political Territories in India'. In three columns: Year; Territory; Mode of Acquisition. The first entry reads: '1639 | Fort St. George (nucleus of Madras) | Founded by Francis Day on land purchased from Rajah of Chandragiri'. The last entry: '1886 | Burma, Upper. | Conquered from the Burmese.' Moore's contribution is a signed list of 41 names, beginning with a key, and ending with the note by Moore: 'Reports of 1874-75 marked with asterisks'. A few of the names in Moore's list are underlined, and same page carries the following anonymous list. 'Note. Those underlined not treated in Progress Report as Native States.'