[Pakistan, Palestine and Israel.] Duplicated document, issued by the British Philatelic Association, on 'Export & Import Control', and including sections on 'Palestine' and 'Imports from the United Kingdom into Pakistan'.

British Philatelic Association, Ltd., London [Pakistan; Palestine; Israel; postage stamps]
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'B. P. A. [British Philatelic Association] | 3, Berners Street, | [London] W.1. | 4/3/48 [i.e. 4 March 1948].
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2pp., foolscap 8vo. Typed and duplicated on one leaf. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with fold lines. The Pakistan had been established on 14 August 1947, and Israel would be established from part of the British Mandate of Palestine on 14 May 1948. The present document is an interesting artefact of the changes in postal arrangements regarding these two regions at the time. The top half of the first page is headed 'Palestine', and the lower half 'Imports from the United Kingdom into Pakistan'. The reverse carries sections on 'Exports' and 'Imports'. The section relating to Palestine reads: 'The attention of those interested in the export of stamps to or import of stamps from PALESTINE is drawn to the following alterations in the regulations: - | As from midnight on Saturday, February 21st, 1948, sterling balances in Palestine have been blocked by the Treasury. PALESTINE is not, therefore, now in the free sterling area and the regulations regarding the export of postage stamps and similar items of philatelic interest to and the import of postage stamps etc., from non-sterling countries now apply to that country. This means: - | (1) That all sendings of stamps etc., must now be exported to Palestine through the Control. | (2) That stamps etc., may only be imported from Palestine as part of a barter transaction. They may not be imported from Palestine if payment in cash is to be made to any person or Bank in the United Kingdom or overseas. | PAYMENT for exports of stamps must be made in sterling from a No. 1 Account of Palestine, and Bank Certificates signed by the exporter's Bank be forwarded to the Control in respect of all such payments. | Since TRANSJORDAN and Palestine have a common currency, Transjordan has also had to be placed outside the free sterling area, but will be readmitted as soon as certain technical arrangements are completed.'