[Mason Pottery [later Mason, Cash & Co. Ltd], Church Gresley, Derbyshire.] Informations and Complaints of Joseph Walker Bourne, proprietor of the pottery, against an apprentice and a 'handler', signed by Sir Oswald Mosley, his son, Bourne and others.

Joseph Walker Bourne (1800-1840), potter, proprietor of the Mason Pottery [Mason, Cash & Co.], Church Gresley, Derbyshire; Sir Oswald Mosley (1785-1871), 2nd Baronet [Thomas Mellor; John Sherratt]
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County of Derby [Derbyshire]. 27 October and 1 November 1830.
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2pp., 8vo. In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, with slight damage to one corner. At the head of the first page is a printed form (manuscript additions in square brackets): 'County of [Derby.] The Information and Complaint of [Joseph Walker Bourne] of [Church Gresley] in the said County [Potter] taken upon Oath before [me one] of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said County, the [27th] day of [October] 18[30]'. Written out by the magistrate Sir Oswald Mosley, 2nd Baronet (1785-1871), and signed by him ('Oswald Mosley'), his son 'Oswd Mosley Junr' (1804-1856), 'Joseph. W. Bourne' and 'Thomas Mellor', and with the mark of John Goodwin. The charge is 'That John Sherratt, an Apprentice to him the said Josh. Walker Bourne hath been guilty of diverse misdemeanours in his employment, particularly on Monday week last in neglecting his work, and again yesterday in getting intoxicated & neglecting his work to the damage of the sd. Josh. Walker Bourne, and contrary to the covenant contained in his Indentures of Apprentices'. Bourne's 'Overlooker' states that since Bourne has been 'from home' he has 'gone in at several times to observe whether the said John Sherratt was at work, & he has been absent although there was work for him to do'. Note by Mosley in margin stating that Sherratt has been 'Reprimanded and discharged'. The second page is headed 'Derbyshire to wit | The information & Compt of Thos. Mellor of Church Gresley, taken upon oath this 1st. day of Novr. 1830'. Mellor (described as 'overlooker of the Potworks at Church Gresley') further states that on 14 September 1829 'John Goodwin was hired to serve the said J. W. Bourne in the capacity of Handler for one year, and that Goodwin 'hath been guilty of diverse misdemeanours in his service and particularly on Friday last he neglected his work, and absented himself without permission from his sd. Master or anyother person duly authorised by him to give such permission'. In his defence Goodwin states that 'Mr. Bourne stopped him 5/s. a week & because he objected to it Mr. Bourne said he might go his ways about his business. - upon that he did go, considerg. it a discharge from his service'. Note by 'O. M.', recording that the case has been 'Deferred until this day week'.