[Pamphlet; Prophesies] The Coming Battle, Appalling National Convulsions expected from Scripture Prophecy, between 1866 and 1875 [continued below]

Rev. M. Baxter [Michael Paget Baxter]
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"New Edition.- Forty-Fifth Thousand", London, William Mackintosh and Morgan and Chase, London; G. Gallie, Glasgow; J.Wright & Co., Bristol, [1866?].
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Pamphlet, 32pp., stitched and unbound as issued, printed covers grubby, foxed and sl. chipped, contents good. Titlepage continues: "1866 and 1875: Being the approximate period oif the re-established Nationality of the Jews by the confirming of a Seven-years Covenant between them and Napoleon, about Seven Years before the Armageddon Battle - the Resurrection of the Righteous, and the Ascension of 144,000 watchful Christians, about two years and from three to five weeks after the Covenant - accompanying Great Religious Revivals - The Great Tribulation and world-wide Persecution of Protestant Christians, and universal dominion of the Romanist Church and Napoleon for the latter three and a half years of the seven years - resulting terrific convulsions in England and America - ultimate destruction of the Antichrist and the ungodly by the descent of Christ with his Saints at Armageddon - ensuing Millennium of a thousand years." Includes "Prophetic Views of Isaac Newton and others unknown.The Edinburgh copy on COPAC is also "Forty-Fifth Thousand"!! Oxford, NLS and Manchester also hold copies. No copy on the market currently.