[ 'Pilkington of Uganda'. ] Holograph unpublished poem by C. Maude Batterbsy, titled 'George Laurence [sic] Pilkington of Uganda', beginning 'We see no more your kindly face.'

C. Maude Battersby, Irish writer [ George Lawrence Pilkington (1865-1897) ['Pilkington of Uganda'], British missionary; Church Missionary Society ]
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Dated by Battersby from 'Cromlyn Rathowen Ireland | Jan 16th. 1898.'
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3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. On aged and worn paper, with vertical closed tear along crease line to second leaf. Poem of thirty-six lines, arranged in six six-line stanzas. Biblical quotation ('2 Sam iii. 38') as epigram. The first stanza reads: 'We see no more your kindly face, | We hear no more your cheery voice, | But in our hearts you keep your place | And in your joy we can rejoice | Oh happy soldier of the King, | Rich trophies to whose Feet you bring'. Battersby strips Pilkington's fate of its African context, instead depicting him as one of Christ's heroes, who has joined 'the Lamb's victorious train'. For more on the subject of the poem, see 'Pilkington of Uganda' (1899) by Charles Forbes Harford-Battersby and A. T. Pieerson. C. Maude Battersby was the author of several publications, including hymns, and presumably a relation of Pilkington's.