[ Brian Aldiss, English science fiction author. ] Typed Letter Signed ('Brian') to Don Malcolm, discussing his 'Billion Year Spree' and other matters.

Brian Aldiss [ Brian W. Aldiss ] (b.1925), English 'science fiction author [ Don Malcolm ]
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On his letterhead, Heath House, Southmoor, near Abingdon, Berkshire. No Date [circa 1973].
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1p., 4to. In very good condition. He is glad that Malcolm enjoyed 'Billion Year Spree' (subtitled 'The True History of Science Fiction'), 'despite all the random scholarship floating around in every chapter', which was 'designed to silence if not impress all the hostile critics outside the field who seem to think that it is just a stamping ground for the juvenile or the insane'. A few 'family jokes' have been inserted, 'to keep the rest of us amused'. The rest of the letter discusses the origins of the phrase 'the sense of wonder', the Novacon, and 'Harry's and my interest' in Malcom's wife Rita.