[ Lillian Trimble Bradley, American playwright. ] Corrected Typescript of unpublished play 'Out Goes She [ originally 'One, Two, Three!' ] | A Comedy | In Three Acts'.

Lillian Trimble Bradley (1879-1959), American playwright, the first woman stage director on Broadway and wife of George Broadhurst (1866-1952) [ Ernest Truex (1889-1973), American actor ]
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Without place [ New York City? ]. Undated [ circa 1928 ].
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135pp., 4to. Lacking last page or pages. Typescript on rectos only. Bound with string and metal stud. Aged and worn, with front cover (with typed label) and title-leaf detached. Original typed title 'ONE, TWO, THREE!', altered in manuscript to 'ONE! TWO! THREE! (under which it was registered for copyright in 1928), with final title in autograph 'OUT GOES SHE'. Manuscript emendations throughout in pen and pencil, including additional dialogue and several deletions. The leading character is William Remington, and 'All three acts are laid in the living room of Remington's apartment, in New York.' Performed at the Criterion Theatre in London in 1929, in a production by Ernest Truex and Edgar O'Brien, and with the former in the leading role. Not published.