[ Periodical; handbill ] Prospectus of A New Periodical Work to appear every two months, and to be called THE ATTIC MISCELLANY with "Works published by James Carpenter and Son

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Prospectus, Attic Miscellany, 2pp., Printed for James Carpenter and Son, Old Bond Street [...]; other two pages, "Works published by James Carpenter and Son, Old Bond Street, London", printed by J. Moyes, Greville Street. [1824]
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Four pages, 8vo, bifolium, stab-holes indicating bound into published volume, sl. dulled and chipped, mainly good condition. First two pages, Prospectus for The Attic Miscellany, claiming among other things that "our lighter articles will always be made subservient to a graver theme - Greece, and the promotion of the Greek cause", a theme expended in the next paragraph. Concluded by statement that "The First Number was published on the 16th of October, and the Second will appear of the Ist of January 1825." The first number included "Modern Greece and its Poetry", making much of the recent death of Byron. and "Lord Byron and his Memoirs [...] (Extracted from a Work now in the Press)" [Medwin]. Note: no later issue than the 1824 first has been traced.