[ Melbourne Private Assembly Balls, 1875. ] Tastefully-printed card programme, listing the dances, attached with yellow string to a small pencil, and completed in manuscript [ by Arthur Grubbe ] with names of ladies danced with.

Melbourne Private Assembly Balls, 1875 [ Arthur Grubbe ]
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[ Melbourne, Australia, 1875. ]
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5.5 x 6 cm folder, with shiny white card covers printed in gold with ornately-lettered cover reading 'MELBOURNE | Private Assembly | BALLS. | 1875.' Royal crest on back cover. The folder contains two printed leaves, the whole being attached with fancy yellow string to a delicate small white pencil with a bobble at the end. Internally the six pages (including the inside covers) consist of three facings, with a list of the ball's 18 dances (from '1. WALTZ .... Casino Tanze | Gung'l' to '18. WALTZ .... Am Schönen Rhein | Bèla') on the right-hand page, and a space to write the name of the dancing partner (partially-completed by Grubbe with such names as 'Miss Bennett', 'Miss Cole', 'Miss Power') on the left-hand page. A frail piece of ephemera, in fair condition, lightly-aged, with unobtrusive central fold. From the Grubbe family papers.