[ P. C. Joshi, Ben Bradley and Mohan Kumaranangalam, communists. ] Duplicated Typescript of the article by P. C. Joshi titled 'In Our Country - Among the People'.

P. C. Joshi [ Puran Chand Joshi ] (1907-1980), General Secretary, Communist Party of India; Ben Bradley [ Benjamin Francis Bradley ] (1898-1957); Mohan Kumaranangalam [ Jimmy Shields (1900-1949) ]
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Duplicated typescript headed: 'From Airgraph to Ben Bradley from Mohan Kumaranangalam. 18th January. [ no year ]'. The article said to be from 'People's War [ magazine of the Communist Party of India ], Vol. iii, No. 30, Sunday, 21st. Jan. 194[5]'.
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12pp., folio. On twelve leaves of air mail paper. In fair condition, aged and worn. The piece begins with a discussion of 'Two big events' that have occurred during the previous year, 'when it appeared as if the period of deadlock was about to end and a new era to begin. | The first was Gandhiji's release [...] Soon after came the second big event; the Gandhi-Jinnah meeting'. Headings as follows: 'Two Hostile Camps', 'Congress Towards League', 'League Towards Congress', 'Fault-Finding to Mud-Slinging', 'Inside the Congress', 'Forming a Sect', 'Under the Banner of Anti-Communism', 'The Total Picture', 'Inside the League', 'Right and Left Wings', 'Economic Crisis', 'Epidemics follow Famine', 'Determination in People's Livelihood', 'The Rich Richer, The Poor Poorer', 'Common Front Through Common Service'. Bradley had come to notice in India and Great Britain for his part in the 1927 Meerut Conspiracy Trial. At the time of the present item he was in England, acting as secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain's Colonial Information Bureau. It may be that Kumaranangalam was sending the item in the hope that Bradley might be able to aid its publication, either in the 'Daily Worker', with which he was associated, or in a pamphlet. From the papers of Jimmy Shields of the International Department of the Communist Party of Great Britain. Original publication (if any) not found on Googlebooks.