[ The Irish War of Independence and the Black and Tans. ] Copy of 'The Irish Bulletin', a duplicated typescript, consisting of three pages denouncing the British, headed 'WE ACCUSE - ! | A GOVERNMENT CONVICTED OF LYING, OUTRAGE AND ASSASSINATION.'

Desmond FitzGerald (1888-1947), editor, The Irish Bulletin, 1920 [ Irish War of Independence; the Black and Tans; Irish Republic, Department of Propaganda, Dublin ]
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[ Irish Republic, Department of Propaganda, 6 Harcourt Street, Dublin. ] Vol. 3 No. 16. 22 September 1920.
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3pp., folio. Complete. On three numbered leaves. A frail survival of a historic document, heavily worn and aged, but with the text complete. Consisting of 25 accusations levelled against the British government, each beginning with 'WE ACCUSE'. Each accusation is followed by supporting citations, as the following prefatory note explains: 'The following accusations are solemnly made against the British Government. They are based upon an accumulation of evidence, of the accuracy of which there is no doubt. Under each accusation are given the volume and number of the IRISH BULLETIN in which the facts are detailed which prove them charged.' The first reads: 'WE ACCUSE the British Government of issuing lying official reports.' And the last: 'WE ACCUSE the British Government of employing in its service men whom it knows to be perjurers and assassins.' Perhaps the most serious allegations are: 'WE ACCUSE the British Government of wilfully shielding murderers and of rewarding them by promotion, high office and increased pay. | WE ACCUSE the British Government of conniving at and encouraging the sacking of Irish towns, the bombing, burning and wrecking of Irish homes, the destruction of the factories and industries of the Irish people by its armed forces. | WE ACCUSE the British Government of inciting and encouraging its armed forces to commit savage assaults upon innocent and inoffensive Irish citizens. | WE ACCUSE the British Government of having among its high officials in Ireland those hwom it knows to have directed the assassinations of Irish citizens, and to be planning the assassination of others.' Excessively scarce.