[India; daily expenses] Maj. Gen. C. M. Griffith of Bombay Staff Corps, British Indian Army. ] Two vols of autograph 'Cash Accounts', with itemised entries detailing domestic expenditure including payment to Indian servants and other expenditure.

Major General Charles Matthew Griffith (1834-1913) of the Bombay Staff Corps, British Indian Army, and subsequently of the Gate House, Rugby, and latterly of Maes Gwyn, Winchester
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[ Bombay, India. ] November 1878 to February 1881; and March 1881 to December 1883.
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2 uniform 12mo volumes, each of around 200pp. Internally in good condition, on lightly-aged paper In heavily worn black leather bindings. Double-entry accounts, casting valuable light on the everyday expenses of a British Army officer in the heyday of the Raj. Possibly, considering the content, the work of the mistress of the house, rather than her husband. Payments are recorded both in rupees and English currency. Entries include regular payments to such servants as the ayah (including 'Sending Ayah to Bombay'), hamal, masal and chokra. Examples of other entries are: 'Flower pots & coolie labour', 'Chowdree (furniture polish)', 'Officers Memorial' (100 Rupees), 'Capt. Murphy (cart & horse)', 'Losings at Xxth. Whist', 'Mrs White (2 Prs. Curtains)', 'Rifle Club', 'Matting Verandah', 'Butler's Account', 'Parasol for Baby', 'Music for Charlie', 'Silver bangles for children', 'Charitable Dispensary', 'Lawn tennis expenses'. Also bills for bread, whisky, tea, cakes, and other provisions, and payment for carriage, barbers, stamps, concert tickets. For information on the duties of servants during the Raj, see Steel and Gardiner, 'The Complete Indian Housekeeper and Cook' (1890). Griffith - who saw action in the Afghan War at Ghirisk, Maiwand and Kandahar - is not named as the author, but the two volumes come from a collection of his accounts and those of his family, and another seven volumes, dating from between 1884 and 1928, being offered separately (stock number 18844).