[Boulogne living expenses; Maj. Gen. Charles Matthew Griffith of the Bombay Staff Corps ] Seven manuscript ledgers and account books detailing domestic expenditure by his family, the first two relating to their residence in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Major General Charles Matthew Griffith (1834-1913) of the Bombay Staff Corps, British Indian Army, and subsequently of the Gate House, Rugby, and latterly of Maes Gwyn, Winchester
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Mhow and Bombay, India; Boulogne-sur-Mer, France; Rugby and Winchester, England. 1884-1886, 1881-1888, 1889-1895, 1905-1909, 1914-1919 (with 'Summary of Accounts', 1921-1924), 1913-1916, 1924-1928.
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Seven volumes, six of them substantial and sturdy, ranging in size from 40 x 15 cm to 22 x 18 cm. Double-entry accounts, with receipts on versos and expenditure on the facing rectos. Possibly, considering the content, the work of the mistress of the house rather than the husband. The two largest volumes, both bound in vellum, mostly relate to the family's residence in France. Written on the cover of the first is 'Daily Account Book from Mhow [ India ] 1st. June 1881 to 31st Decr. 1888. Boulogne S. M. France'. And on the cover of the second: 'Boulogne Sur Mer 1889. | Daily Account Book from 1st January 1889 to [blank, but entries end on 29 August 1895]'. In a later hand after the last page of the second volume: 'Griffith family to England 1895'. These two volumes record domestic expenditure. The first of the two begins under the heading 'Tour 1881' (tour of duty at Mhow, India), and gives prices in rupees, mainly for provisions such as 'Curry stuff', jer, rice, bhoosa and bajree. Around two-thirds of the way through the volume, at September 1885, the family move to Boulogne, and from there to the end of the second of the two volumes the provisions take on a European feel (onions, potatoes, capers, beer), with payment to tradesmen such as butcher, grocer and milkman, as well as a washerwoman and 'Mme Trois'. Of the other five volumes, the first is a cash account 1884-1886, with the first part (to January 1885) concerning a tour in India, with regular payments in rupees to such servants as the ayah (and '2nd Ayah'), hamal, masal ('Mussal') and mallee, as well as to 'Jaffir Jussuff', together with payments for provisions and other services. The second part of the volume, from February 1885, records expenditure in France on everything from provisions to transport, gloves, hotel bills, stamps and soap. The other four volumes, covering the years 1905-1928, record domestic expenditure in the Griffith family residences, mostly the payment of tradesmen's bills and other provisions. Loosely inserted in the last volume (1924-1928) is a letterhead of the family residence in Winchester, Maes-Gwyn, together with a stained photograph of a newly-wed couple, taken (in the 1950s?) by Patrick Litchfield, together with a few slips carrying calculations and shopping lists. Neither Griffith nor his family are named in any of the volumes, but they come from the family papers, and another two volumes, relating to India in the years 1878-1883, are offered separately.