130 documents relating to the Dublin branch of the London music publishers and instrument makers Messrs Cramer, Wood & Co, including receipts and demands from other companies, and for tax and rates.

[Messrs Cramer, Wood & Co., 4-5 Westmoreland Street, Dublin branch of the London music publishers and instrument makers, founded by the musician Johann Baptist Cramer (1771-1858) and partners]
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Dublin and London. 1920 to 1922.
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Elegantly designed by the architect William G. Murray, the Dublin branch of Cramer, Wood & Co had a fine exterior. It is referred to in the Nausicaa episode of Joyce's 'Ulysses': 'That widow on Monday was it outside Cramer's that looked at me.' The collection of 130 items is in good condition, lightly aged and held together with its original brass stud. 19 of the items relate to Dublin Rates and the Income Tax (including an account of 'Municipal Rates 1920/1921', amounting to £639 9s 0d). The various companies' receipts are in a different formats from folio down, printed with a wide and interesting range of layouts and typographic designs. Almost all are completed in manuscript. Taken together they provide interesting economic information about the large network of companies required to continue the operation of a successful Irish business. Two receipts are present from the sister firm J. B. Cramer & Co, Ltd, of New Bond St, together with a typed covering note on the firms ornately engraved letterhead, dated 12 October 1920: 'Many thanks for your letter and cheque - £3. 7. 7. in payment of the outstanding account against the firm of Messrs Cramer Wood & Co. Ltd. of Dublin, for which we beg to return you our formal receipt.' Many of the receipts result from the advertising and upkeep of the business, including those of H. F. W. Deane & Sons The Year Book Press, Ltd; Dollard, Printinghouse, Dublin, Ltd; The Freeman's Journal (1919), Ltd, Westmoreland St; Goodwin & Tabb, Ltd, Music Librarians, Percy St (2); Independent Newspapers, Ltd, Dublin; "The Irish Times" Ltd, Westmoreland St; Osram GEC Lamps, bought of R. J. Clarke, 11 Townsend St, Dublin; Keith Prowse & Compy Ltd London, Theatrical Box Office, New Bond St (2); F. Sanderson & Sons, Lower Dominick St, Dublin (4). With a few exceptions (from Glasgow and Edinburgh) most of the receipts are from London firms of music publishers. These include: Arthur & Co (London), Ltd, Ludgate Hill; Edwin Ashdown, Ltd, Hanover Sq; Augener Ltd, Gt Marlborough St; Bayley & Ferguson, Glasgow; Beal, Stuttard & Co, Oxford St; Boosey & Co, Regent St (2pp., folio, with compliments slip); Bosworth & Co, Ltd, Heddon St; R. Butler, Old Kent Rd; C. E. Music Publishers Co, South William St, Dublin; Cary & Co, Mortimer St; Chappell & Co Ltd, New Bond St (2); J. & W. Chester, Gt Marlborough St; The John Church Co, Inc (of Cincinnati), Wigmore St; Clarendon Press, Amen Corner; Collard & Collard, Oval Rd; Collard & Moutrie, Southampton Row; J. Curwen & Sons, Ltd, Berners St; Elkin & Co, Ltd, Beak St; Forsyth Brothers, Ltd, Gt Titchfield St; Francis, Day & Hunter, Charing Cross Rd (2); J. & J. Goddard, Tottenham Court Rd; Gould & Co, Poland St; The Gramophone Co Ltd, Hayes, Middlesex (2); A. Hammond & Co, Kingly St; The Frederick Harris Company, Berners St; Hawkes & Son, Denman St; James S. Kerr, Glasgow; Ernest Köhler & Son, Edinburgh; J. H. Larway, Wells St; Laudy & Co, Newman St; Alfred Lengnick & Co, Berners St; Leonard & Co (D. Hammett), Gt Marlborough St; London Music Publishing Stores, Ltd, London St; Lewis Mathias & Co, Gt Marlborough St; Metzler & Co Ltd, Gt Marlborough St; Nightingale & Co, Mortimer St; Novello & Company, Ltd, Wardour St; Orpheus Music Publishing, Moorgate Station Arcade; W. Paxton & Co, Ltd, New Oxford St; Philips and Page, Oxford Circus; F. Pitman Hart & Co Ltd, Paternoster Row (2); Reeder & Walsh, Mortimer St; Reid Brothers, Mortimer St; Schott & Co, Gt Marlborough St; Silberman ('Anglo-French Music Publishers'), Charing Cross Rd; Stainer & Bell, Ltd, Berners St; John Alvey Turner (Mrs S. A. Turner), Oxford St; Joseph Wallis & Son, Ltd, Euston Rd; Walsh, Holmes & Co, Charing Cross Rd; Warren & Phillips, Oxford Circus; Weekes & Co, Hanover St; Joseph Williams Ltd, Gt Portland St; The B. F. Wood Music Co, Newman St.