[ Harry Pollitt, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Harry'), a letter of condolence to the widow of Jimmy Shields, editor of the Daily Worker.

Harry Pollitt (1890-1960), General Secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain [ Jimmy Shields (1900-1949), Scottish communist, editor of the Daily Worker ]
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Ivybank Road, Port Glasgow. Undated, but with postmark of 13 June 1949.
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1p., 4to. In good condition, on aged paper. In envelope with stamp and postmark, addressed by Pollitt to 'Mrs J Shields | 9 Rothwell St | London N.W.1.' At the time of writing Mrs Shield's husband was in a TB sanatorium, under surveillance from the British security services. Pollitt writes that he has received the 'letters and papers' and his girls are looking forward to seeing 'Rose when she comes up'. 'We had a cutting of a paper from Mrs Elvin from Dublin where it mentioned how they were talking about Jimmy at a meeting in Dublin. When I am over there at the holidays I may come upon some of the friends that he knew over there[.] I will now finish up[.] I was never much at writing letters.' He hopes to hear from her or Jimmy 'soon again'. From the papers of Jimmy Shields of the International Department of the Communist Party of Great Britain.