Autograph documents signed by 800 Members of the Houses of Parliament, 1860-1893, admissions to Strangers' Gallery etc, Including 144 Irish Members at the height of the Home Rule League [also listed separately and detachable]

[House of Commons; Parliament; Irish Home Rule]
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A collection of 858 documents, dating from between 1860 and 1893, bearing a total of 800 autographs of British Members of Parliament (765 Members of the House of Commons and 35 Peers). The collection is in good condition, with the usual signs of age and wear, each item having been punch-holed by the collector (whom evidence suggests was a fellow-member) for insertion in a binder. The majority date from the years 1870-1873 (317 items) and 1880 (343 items), thus falling within the period of the Home Rule League (particularly resonant in the light of recent events in Scotland), and notable within the collection are 148 items by 144 Irish Members of Parliament (135 Members of the Commons and 9 Peers). These include documents by Charles Stuart Parnell, Isaac Butt, T. P. O’Connor (‘Tay Pay’), the Fenian John O’Connor Power and Patrick James Smyth (‘Nicaragua Smyth’). Other notable figures include Prime Ministers Gladstone, Campbell Bannerman and Balfour, as well as John Bright, Sir Nathan Rothschild, Joseph Chamberlain, Henry Fawcett, Lord Randolph Churchill, Charles Bradlaugh, Jesse Collings, Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke, John Passmore Edwards, Sir Julian Goldsmid, Lyon Playfair, Sir George Otto Trevelyan, Spencer Walpole. Accompanying the collection is a printed list of Commons Members and their constituencies, in ten columns, on one side of a large sheet of paper, dated ‘August 30, 1880.’ This has been carefully, with entries ticked off and scored through by the collector. The majority of the documents are instructions giving admission to the Strangers’ Galleries of the two Houses, either written out in full by the Member of Parliament, or with his signature appended to a secretarial text. Some are on House of Commons notepaper, and several are on a printed form headed ‘House of Commons’. A number have dining instructions in manuscript on the reverse, often signed by ‘W Terry’ (the collector himself?). For example: ‘Tea for one Lady with Fish & Cutlets at 7.30 | for Mr Dyke | Strangers Gallery’ and ‘Please to send me some dressed or curried Fish if possible | if not some hot dinner directly | no Beer | Strangers Gallery’. A number of items cast light on the workings of Parliament: these include two 1870 instructions from Chief Whip George Grenfell Glyn, including an actual Three-Line Whip; an anonymous ink sketch, on House of Commons notepaper, with note ‘Portrait of W. Shepherd Allen M.P. for Newcastle under Lyme. Found on the benches in House of Commons 1870. An expressively good likeness.’; a joint complaint (on Commons ‘COMPLAINTS’ form) by Liberal Members C. J. Monk and Edmund Potter that their wine (‘1 lot 75’) is ‘Not good & cork rotten’; a letter from Percy Wyndham of Cumberland West to the Superintendent of the House of Commons Dining Room, asking for ‘Turtle Soup, the freshest fish you have (any except red mullet) and a mutton chop’; and an appeal for ‘something, Boiled Beef if any’ from Bridport MP T. A. Mitchell. The autograph document of Thomas Walton Mellor of Ashton-under-Lyme is accompanied by a copy of a letter, on which are written what appear to be pencil notes for a Commons speech by Mellor. A few items bear no relation to Parliament itself: Stanley Vickers of Wallingford gives admission to the Victoria Distillery, and Joseph Pulley of Hereford writes on the letterhead of the Devonshire Club, St James’s.Twenty-four of the signatures have not been deciphered, and the others fall within the following three groups, with entries listing names, constituencies and date of document:A. Irish members, House of Commons 139 items by 135 different Irish Members of the House of Commons:Leopold Agar-Ellis, County Kilkenny, 1873Richard Lane Allman, Bandon, 1880William Humphrys Archdale, Fermanagh, 1880Joseph Gillis Biggar, County Cavan, undatedMaurice Brooks, Dublin, 1880Isaac Butt, Meath, 1874Sir Henry Bruce, Coleraine, 1871Henry Bruen, Carlow County, 1871John Thomas Ball, Dublin University, 1873Lord Bingham, Mayo, 1871Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, Galway Borough, 1871Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett, Kerry, 1870John Aloysius Blake, Waterford County, 1880George De la Poer Beresford, Armagh, 1880John Barry, Wexford County, 1880John Brady, Leitrim, 1870Garrett Michael Byrne, Wexford County, 1880Viscount Crichton, Fermanagh, 1880James Porter Corry, Belfast, 1880Sir Dominic John Corrigan, Dublin, 1871William Joseph Corbet, Wicklow, 1880David la Touch Colthurst, County Cork, 1880Eugene Collins, Kinsale, 1880Philip Callan, Louth County, 1876Viscount Castlereagh, Down, 1880James Chaine, Antrim, 1880Maxwell Charles Close, County Armagh, 1880Matthew O’Reilly Dease, Louth County, 1873John Daly, Cork, 1880John Dillon, Tipperary, 1880Marriott Robert Dalway, Carickfergus, undatedCharles Dawson, Carlow, 1880Richard Dowse, Londonderry City, 1871Seymour Dawson-Damer, Portarlington, 1870McCarthy Downing, County Cork, 1873Edmond de la Poer, Waterford County, 1871Edmund Dwyer-Grey, Carlow County, 1880William Ewart, Belfast, undatedSir John Esmonde, Waterford County, 1872George Errington, Longford, 1880Charles Joseph Fay, Cavan County, 1880Fitzstephen French, Roscommon, 1873Chichester Parkinson-Fortescue, County Louth, 1869Joseph William Foley, New Ross, 1880James Lysaght Finigan, Ennis, 1880William Findlater, Monaghan, 1880Lord Otho Fitzgerald, Kildare, 1871Edward Gibson, Dublin University, 1880Sir John Gray, Kilkenny City, 1871Thomas Greer, Carrickfergus, 1880George Greville-Nugent, Longford, 1873Algernon William Fulke Greville, Westmeath, 1873John Givan, Monaghan, 1880Henry Joseph Gill, Westmeath, 1880Lord Arthur Hill, County Down, 1880Henry Arthur Herbert, Kerry, undatedMitchell Henry, Galway County, 1880Ion Hamilton, Dublin County, 1880Viscount Hamilton, Donegal, 1871William Johnston, Belfast, 1870William Moore Johnson, Mallow, 1880John Kinnear, Donnegal, 1880William Keown, Downpatrick, 1870Arthur MacMurrow Kavanagh, Carlow County, 1869Edmund Leamy, Waterford City, 1880James Leahy, Kildare, 1880Hugh Law, Londonderry County, 1880Richard Lalor, Queen’s County, 1880Charles Edward Lewis, Londonderry, 1875Robert Spencer Dyer Lyons, Dublin, 1880John Francis Maguire, Cork, 1872Patrick Martin, County Kilkenny, 1880Edward Purcell Mulhallen Marum, County Kilkenny, 1880Charles Henry Meldon, Kildare, 1874Robert Henry Metge, Meath, 1880William Monsell, Limerick County, 1871Arthur John Moore, Clonmel, 1880Nicholas Daniel Murphy, Cork, 1874 (1874 note by Thomas Alexander Mitchell, Bridport, on reverse)John George MacCarthy, Mallow, 1874John William Ellison-Macartney, Tyrone, 1880Donald Horne Macfarlane, Carlow County, 1880Sir Thomas McClure, Belfast, 1870Edward Macnaghten, Antrim, 1880Justin McCarthy, Longford, 1880James Carlile McCoan, Wicklow, 1880Edward MacEvoy, Meath, 1871Sir John Neale McKenna, Youghal, 1880Charles James Patrick Mahon (signing as ‘The O’Gormanmahon’), Clare, 1880Isaac Nelson, Mayo, undatedViscount Newry, Newry, 1871Patrick O’Brien, King’s County, 1870William Richard O’Byrne, County Wicklow, 1875Arthur O’Connor, Queen’s County, undatedThomas Power O’Connor, Galway Borough, undatedDenis Maurice O’Conor, Sligo County, 1873Frank Hugh O’Donnell, Galway Borough, undatedDaniel O’Donoghue, Tralee, 1870Purcell O’Gorman (as ‘Purcell of O’Gorman’), Waterford City, 1878James O’Kelly, Roscommon, 1880Edward O’Neill, County Antrim, 1872Myles O’Reilly, Longford, 1873Captain William Henry O’Shea, Galway Borough, undatedWilliam Henry O’Sullivan, Limerick County, 1874Richard O’Shaughnessy, Limerick City, 1880Ralph Bernal Osborne, Waterford City, 1869John O’Connor Power, County Mayo, undatedCharles Stewart Parnell, Meath, undatedDavid Plunket, Dublin University, 1873Jonathan Pim, Dublin, 1871William Pollard-Urquhart, Westmeath, 1870Richard Power, Waterford City, 1880William Archer Redmond, Wexford, 1873James Nicholson Richardson, Armagh County, undatedJoseph Philip Ronayne, Cork City, 1875Charles Russell, Dundalk, 1880Francis William Russell, Limerick City, 1871Patrick James Smyth, Tipperary, 1872Alexander Martin Sullivan, Louth County, undatedTimothy Daniel Sullivan, Dublin College Green, undatedViscount St Lawrence, Galway Borough, 1873Edward James Saunderson, Cavan, 1872Thomas Sexton, Sligo County, undatedWilliam Shaw, County Cork, 1880David Sherlock, King’s County, 1873 and 1875John Francis Smithwick, Kilkenny City, 1880William Stacpoole, Ennis, 1872 and 1876Edward John Synan, Limerick County, 1880Thomas Edward Taylor, Dublin County, 1880Arthur Loftus Tottenham, Leitrim, 1880Henry Thomson, Newry, no dateHenry Windsor Villiers-Stuart, County Waterford, 1886Sir Richard Wallace, Lisburn, 1880Dr Michael Francis Ward, Galway Borough, 1876 and two undatedGeorge Waters, Mallow, 1870Benjamin Whitworth, Drogheda, 1880B. English and Scottish Members, House of Commons658 items by 605 English and Scottish Members of the House of Commons:Col. George Arbuthnot, Hereford, 1871Sir William Patrick Adam, Clackmannanshire and Kinross-shire, 1880William Shepherd Allen, Newcastle-under-Lyme, 1873George Anderson, Glasgow, 1869Sir Robert Anstruther, Fife, 1873Sir Windham Carmichael-Anstruther, Lanarkshire South, 1879 and undatedAugustus Peter Arkwright, Derbyshire North, 1872Richard Arkwright, Leominster, 1873Roger Sinclair Aytoun, Kirkcaldy Burghs, 1873Ralph Assheton, Clitheroe, 1871Ellis Ashmead Bartlett, Eye, 1880Hon. Evelyn Ashley, Isle of Wight, 1880Arthur Arnold, Salford, 1880George Armitstead, Dundee, 1872Benjamin Armitage, Salford, 1880J. E. F. Aylmer, Maidstone, 1880Henry George Allen, Pembroke, 1880Claud Alexander, Ayrshire South, 1880David Ainsworth, Cumberland West, 1880William Agnew, Lancashire South-East, 1880Thomas Agar-Robartes, Cornwall East, 1880Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, Devonshire North, 1880Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman, Stirling Burghs, 1873Arthur James Balfour, Hertford, 1880Henry Munro-Butler-Johnstone, Canterbury, 1872Henry William Ferdinand Bolckow, Middlesborough, 1871Nathaniel Buckley, Stalybridge, 1871Lord Burghley, Northamptonshire North, 1880Thomas Baring, Essex South, 1880Frederick Beaumont, Durham County South, 1873Edward Hammond Bentall, Maldon, 1870Marcus Beresford, Southwark, undatedThomas Blake, Leominster, 1878 and undatedViscount Bury, Berwick-on-Tweed, 1871Sir William Bagge, Norfolk West, 1871Edward Baines, Leeds, 1871Jabez Spencer Balfour, Tamworth, 1880John Ireland Blackburne, Lancashire South-West, 1880Hugh Birley, Manchester, 1880Edward Birkbeck, Norfolk North, 1880Wentworth Blackett Beaumont, Northumberland South, 1873William Wither Bramston Beach, Hampshire North, 1872 and 1873Sir Michael Edward Hicks Beach, Gloucestershire East, 1871Michael Biddulph, Herefordshire, 1880William Biddell, Suffolk West, 1880William Edward Baxter, Montrose, 1870 and 1873Sir Thomas Bateson, Devizes, 1880Hamar Alfred Bass, Tamworth, 1880Michael Bass, Staffordshire East, 1870 and undatedSir Walter Bartellot, Sussex West, 1880Alfred Barnes, Derbyshire East, 1880John Barran, Leeds, 1880Frederick St John Newdigate Barne, Suffolk East, 1880James William Barclay, Forfarshire, 1880Alexander Charles Barclay, Taunton, 1871Sir George Balfour, Kincardineshire, 1880Sir John Russell Bailey, Herefordshire, 1873Sir Richard Baggallay, Mid Sussex, 1872Edward Sherard Burnaby, Leicestershire North, 1880James Bryce, Tower Hamplets, 1880Robert Preston Bruce, Fife, 1880Henry Austin Bruce, Renfrewshire, 1871Lord Charles Bruce, Marlborough, 1880Sir Alexander Hargreaves Brown, Wenlock, 1880William Cunliffe Brooks, Cheshire East, 1871Lord Brooke, Somerset East, 1880Alexander Brogden, Wednesbury, 1880William St John Brodrick, Surrey West, 1880William Henry Harrison-Broadley, Yorkshire East Riding, 1880John Brinton, Kidderminster, 1880Henry Broadhurst, Stoke-on-Trent, 1880Captain Theodore Brinckman, Canterbury, 1871Richard Bright, Somerset East, 1873John Bright, Birmingham, 1869, 1871 and 1873 (2)William Edward Briggs, Blackburne, 1880Thomas Brassey, Hastings, 1873Henry Brand, Stroud, 1871Charles Bradlaugh, Northampton, 1880Robert Bourke, King’s Lynn, 1880William Copeland Borlase, Cornwall East, 1880John Bonham-Carter, Winchester, 1872Sir Thomas William Boord, Greenwich, 1876Joseph Cheney Bolton, Stirlingshire, 1880Francis William Buxton, Andover, 1880Charles Buxton, East Surrey, 1871Charles Parker Butt, Southampton, 1880Marston Clarke Buszard, Stamford, 1880Thomas Burt, Morpeth, 1880Sir Walter Burrell, New Shoreham, 1880Sir Robert Jacob Buxton, Norfolk South, 1873Joseph Chamberlain, Birmingham, 1880Hugh Culling Eardley Childers, Pontefract, 1872Lord Randolph Churchill, Woodstock, 1880Sir Edward George Clarke, Plymouth, 1880Jesse Collings, Ipswich, 1880Richard Assheton Cross, South West Lancashire, 1873Octavius Edward Cooper, Middlesex, 1880William Coddington, Blackburne, 1880Lord Frederick Cavendish, Yorkshire West Riding North, undated (part of ALS)Lord Edward Cavendish, Derbyshire North, 1880Sir Robert Cunliffe, Denbigh, 1880George Cubitt, Surrey West, 1873John Kynaston Cross, 1880Ralph Creyke, York, 1880William Young Craig, Staffordshire North, 1880William Cowper-Temple, Hampshire South, 1870Hon. Henry Cowper, Hertfordshire, 1880Joseph Cowen, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1871James Cowan, Edinburgh, 1880Leonard Henry Courtney, Liskeard, 1880George Courtauld, Maldon, 1880Sir William James Richmond Cotton, City of London, 1880Charles Cecil Cotes, Shrewsbury, 1880John Corbett, Droitwich, undatedFrancis Compton, Hampshire South, 1880Jeremiah James Colman, Norwich, 1871Sir Robert Porrett Collier, Plymouth, 1869John Duke Coleridge, Exeter, 1870Sir Thomas Colebrooke, Lanarkshire North, 1880Frederick William Cadogan, Cricklade, 1871William Sproston Caine, Scarborough, 1880William Romaine Callender, Manchester, 1874Charles Cameron, Glasgow, 1880James Alexander Campbell, Glasgow and Aberdeen Universities, 1880Donald Cameron, Inverness-shire, 1873Lord Colin Campbell, Argyllshire, 1880Richard Frederick Fotheringham Campbell, Ayr Burghs, 1880Sir George Campbell, Kirkcaldy Burghs, 1880Edward Hamer Carbutt, Monmouth, 1880Sir Robert Walter Carden, Barnstaple, 1880Edward Cardwell, Oxford, 1871Hon. Rupert Carington, Buckinghamshire, 1880William Cornwallis Cartwright, Oxfordshire, 1871Richard Causton, Colchester, 1880Hon. William Carington, Wycombe, undatedDavid Chadwick, Macclesfield, 1873Lord Eustace Cecil, Essex West, 1872Charles Edward Cawley, Salford, 1873Lord George Henry Cavendish, Derbyshire North, 1873John Frederick Cheetham, Derbyshire North, 1880Sir William Thomas Charley, Salford, 1869John Chapman, Great Grimsby, 1876Henry Chaplin, Lincolnshire Mid, 1880Thomas Chambers, Marylebone, 1880Montague Chambers, Devonport, 1873Joseph William Chitty, Oxford, 1880John Creemer Clarke, Abingdon, 1880Charles Cavendish Clifford, Newport (Isle of Wight), 1871John Morgan Cobbett, Oldham, 1873Thomas Clement Cobbold, Ipswich, 1880Arthur Cohen, Southwark, 1880Robert Meek Carter, Leeds, 1871John Candlish, Sunderland, 1869Sir Donald Currie, Perthshire, 1880Sir Robert William Duff, Banffshire, 1880David Davies, Cardigan, 1880Sir Henry Ferguson-Davie, Haddington, undatedRichard Davies, Anglesey, 1873 and 1876Charles de Ferrieres, Cheltenham, 1880John Dent Dent, Scarborough, 1872Baron Henry de Worms, Greenwich, 1880Christopher Beckett Denison, Yorkshire West Riding East, 1873Alexander George Dickson, Dover, 1880Hon. Edward Digby, Dorset, 1880Ashton Wentworth Dilke, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1880Lewis Llewelyn Dillwyn, Swansea District, 1880Robert Dimsdale, Hertford, 1873George Dixon, Birmingham, 1870 and 1871Joseph Dodds, Stockton, 1875John George Dodson, Chester, 1871Charles Donaldson-Hudson, Newcastle-under-Lyne, 1880Thomas Duckham, Herefordshire, 1880Frederick Dundas, Orkney and Shetland, 1871John Charles Dundas, Richmond (Yorkshire), 1880William Hart Dyke, Kent Mid, 1871Horace Davey, Christchurch, 1880Henry Tichborne Davenport, Staffordshire North, 1880Donald Dalrymple, Bath, 1872Charles Dalrymple, Buteshire, 1873Robert Dalglish, Glasgow, 1873Henry Edwards, Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, 1880Thomas Earp, Newark, 1880Edward Backhouse Eastwick, Penryn and Falmouth, 1873Humphrey Ewing Crum-Ewing, Paisley, 1873Archibald Orr-Ewing, Dunbartonshire, 1870Thomas William Evans, Derbyshire South, 1880 (ALS)George Sotheron-Estcourt, Wiltshire North, 1880John Elphinstone Erskine, Stirlingshire, 1873Hon. Wilbraham Egerton, Cheshire Mid, 1873 (2)Lord Elcho, Haddingtonshire, 1869Arthur Douglas Elliot, Roxburghshire, 1880Sir James Dalrymple-Horn-Elphinstone, Portsmouth, 1871Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke, Chelsea, 1873 (ANS)John Passmore Edwards, Salisbury, undatedViscount Emlyn, Carmarthenshire, 1880Viscount Enfield, Middlesex, 1871Hon. Francis Egerton, Derbyshire East, 1880Roger Eykyn, Windsor, undatedJoshua Fielden, Yorkshire West Riding East, 1871Henry Fawcett, Hackney, 1880Sir Edmund Filmer, Kent Mid, 1880Lewis Fry, Bristol, 1880Theodore Fry, Darlington, 1880James Figgins, Shrewsbury, 1873Hon. Thomas Fremantle, Buckinghamshire, 1880William Fowler, Cambridge, 1880Robert Fowler, City of London, 1880Richard Fort, Clitheroe, 1880William Edward Forster, Bradford, 1871Charles Forster, Walsall, 1880William Forsyth, Marylebone, 1874 and 1876Hon. Cecil Weld-Forester, Wenlock, 1880William Dingwall Fordyce, Aberdeenshire East, 1872Viscount Folkestone, Wiltshire South, 1880Francis John Savile Foljambe, East Retford, undatedCecil George Saville Foljambe, Nottinghamshire North, 1880John Floyer, Dorset, 1880Cyril Flower, Brecon, 1880Isaac Fletcher, Cockermouth, 1873 and undatedHon. John Wentworth FitzWilliam, Peterborough, 1880Lord Edmond Fitzmaurice, Calne, 1873 and 1875Joseph Firth Bottomley Firth, Chelsea, 1880William Finnie, North Ayrshire, 1872Sir William ffolkes, King’s Lynn, 1880Henry Master Feilden, Blackburn, 1870 and 1874Robert Ferguson, Carlisle, 1880Mordaunt Fenwick Bisset, Somerset West, 1880Randle Joseph Fielden, Lancashire North, 1880Sir Andrew Fairbairn, Yorkshire West Riding East, 1880Sir Robert Farquharson, Aberdeenshire West, 1880George Goschen, City of London, 1871George Grenfell Glyn, Shaftesbury, two undated (three-line whip and two-line whip, both 1870)William Ewart Gladstone, Leeds, 1880The Viscount Galway, East Retford, 1873Sir Julian Goldsmid, Rochester, 1872, 1874 and 1878Sir John Eldon Gorst, Chatham, 1880Russell Gurney, Southampton, 1872Montague John Guest, Youghal, 1872 and 73Sir Edward Temperley Gourley, Sunderland, 1872, 1876 and undatedHon. Frederick Leveson-Gower, Bodmin, 1880Frederick William Grafton, Lancashire North-East, 1880Andrew Grant, Leith Burghs, 1880Sir George Macpherson-Grant, Elginshire and Nairnshire, 1880Daniel Grant, Marylebone, 1880William Grantham, Surrey East, undated and 1880Edward Greene, Bury St Edmunds, 1880George Burrow Gregory, Sussex East, 1873Albert Grey, Northumberland South, 1880Norman Grosvenor, Chester, 1873Sir Thomas Fraser Grove, South Wiltshire, 1872Sir Daniel Gooch, Cricklade, 1870William Henry Gladstone, Whitby, 1870Herbert Gladstone, Leeds, 1880Charles Gilpin, Northampton, 1873Gabriel Goldney, Chippenham, 1880Sir Hardinge Giffard, Launceston, 1880The Viscount Galway, Nottinghamshire North, 1880John Carpenter Garnier, Devonshire South, 1873Edward Greaves, Warwick, 1871John Hutton, Northallerton, 1871Hon. Sidney Herbert, Wilton, 1880Auberon Herbert, Nottingham, 1872Lord Hyde, Brecon, 1870Robert Henry Hurst, Horsham, 1871 and 1873John Dyson Hutchinson, Halifax, 1880George Ward Hunt, Northamptonshire North, 1871William Bulkeley Hughes, Carnarvon, 1880John Gellibrand Hubbard, City of London, 1880Stafford Howard, Cumberland East, 1880James Howard, Bedfordshire, 1880Edward Kenworthy Hornby, Blackburn, 1872Chandos Wren-Hoskyns, Hereford, 1873Charles Henry Hopwood, Stockport, 1880David Milne-Home, Berwickshire, 1880James Maden Holt, Lancashire North-East, 1872William Holms, Paisley, 1880John Holms, Hackney, 1873 and undatedAlexander Beresford Hope, Cambridge University, 1873John Robert Hollond, Brighton, 1880Samuel Holland, Merioneth, 1880Sir Henry Thurstan Holland, Midhurst, 1880Sir John Holker, Preston, 1873James McGarel-Hogg, Truro, 1872Sir Henry Ainslie Hoare, Chelsea, 1873Alexander Staveley Hill, Staffordshire West, 1880Thomas Rowley Hill, Worcester, 1874, 1876 and 1878Thomas Blackborne Thoroton Hildyard, South Nottinghamshire, 1880John Hick, Bolton, 1873Edward Hicks, Cambridgeshire, 1880Sir John Tomlinson Hibbert, Oldham, 1869Sir Thomas Hesketh, Preston, 1871 and 1872Farrer Herschell, Durham City, 1880Edward Hermon, Preston, 1873John Major Henniker-Major, East Suffolk, 1870Frank Henderson, Dundee, 1880Edward Heneage, Great Grimsby, 1880Sir Arthur Divett Hayter, Bath, 1880Sir John Charles Dalrymple-Hay, Stamford, 1871Joseph Alfred Hardcastle, Bury St. Edmunds, 1873George Woodyatt Hastings, Worcestershire East, 1880Edmund Haviland-Burke, Christchurch, 1870Sir Henry Havelock-Allan, Sunderland, 1880Marquess of Hartington, Radnor, 1869John Dove Harris, Leicester, undatedGathorne Gathorne-Hardy, Oxford University, 1873 and undatedSir William Vernon Harcourt, Oxford, 1871Edward Vernon Harcourt, Oxfordshire, 1880Robert William Habury, Tamworth, 1872John Hamilton, Lanarkshire South, 1880Lord Claud John Hamilton, King’s Lynn, 1872 and 1873Lord George Hamilton, Middlesex, 1880Charles Joseph Theophilus Hambro, Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, 1873Sir Thomas Frederick Halsey, Hertfordshire, 1880Frederick Andrew Inderwick, Rye, 1880Alfred Illingworth, Knaresborough, 1869John Joicey, Durham County North, 1880Sir Harcourt Johnstone, Scarborough, 1873Andrew Johnston, South Essex, 1873Edward Johnson, Exeter, 1880Sir George Jessel, Dover, 1872Sir George Jenkinson, Wiltshire North, 1870David James Jenkins, Penryn and Falmouth, 1880Robert Jardine, Dumfriesshire, 1880Sir Henry James, Taunton, 1872Charles Herbert James, Merthyr Tydvil, 1880William Jackson, Leeds, 1880Sir Henry Mather Jackson, Coventry, 1875Thomas Knowles, Wigan, 1880Sir Rainald Knightley, Northamptonshire South, 1871 and 1873Frederick Knight, Worcester West, 1880Edward Knatchbull-Hugesson, Sandwich, 1871 and 1878The Lord Kensington, Haverford West, 1873Sir John Henry Kennaway, Devonshire East, 1871Sir Ughtred Kay-Shuttleworth, Hastings, 1873James Lowther, York, 1873Sir Edmund Henry Knowles Lacon, Norfolk North, 1880 (ALS)Robert Leake, Lancashire South-East, 1880Thomas Lea, Kidderminster, 1873Robert Laycock, Lincolnshire North, 1880Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Carlisle, 1873 and 1876Sir James John Trevor Lawrence, Mid Surrey, 1876John Compton Lawrance, Lincolnshire South, 1880William Lawrence, City of London, 1873Sir James Clark Lawrence, Lambeth, 1872William Henry Leatham, Yorkshire West Riding South, 1880Edward Aldam Leatham, Huddersfield, 1873Alexander Learmouth, Colchester, 1873Hon. Frederick William Lambton, Durham County South, 1880James Lowther, York, 1876 and 1878Robert Lowe, London University, 1871Henry Charles Lopes, Launceston, 1872Walter Hume Long, Wiltshire North, 1880The Marquess of Lorne, Argyllshire, 1871John Locke, Southwark, 1870Sir Massey Lopes, Devonshire South, 1880Sir Thomas Davies Lloyd, Cardiganshire, 1872Morgan Lloyd, Beaumaris, 1880Viscount Lewisham, Kent West, 1880John Delaware Lewis, Devonport, 1871John Farley Leith, Aberdeen, 1876Stanley Leighton, Shropshire North, 1880 (ALS)Sir Baldwyn Leighton, Shropshire South, 1880William Legh, Cheshire East, 1872Roger Leigh, Rochester, 1880Gilbert Henry Chandos Leigh, Warwickshire South, 1880George Shaw-Lefevre, Reading, 1870Henry Lee, Southampton, 1880Sir Edmund Lechmere, Worcestershire West, 1880Vaughan Hanning Vaughan-Lee, Somerset West, 1880Viscount Lymington, Barnstaple, 1880Sir Andrew Lusk, Finsbury, 1880William Lowther, Westmoreland, 1873William Townley Mitford, Midhurst, 1871John Wingfield Malcolm, Boston, undatedCharles Magniac, Bedford, 1880Viscount Mahon, Suffolk East, 1871Sir Alexander Ramsay-Gibson-Maitland, Midlothian, 1871John Maitland, Kirkcudbright, 1877William Fuller-Maitland, Breconshire, 1880William Thomas Makins, Essex South, 1880Lord John Manners, Leicestershire North, 1873Sir Frederick Thorpe Mappin, East Retford, 1880The Earl of March, West Sussex, 1872 and 1878Edward Marjoribanks, Berwickshire, 1880Sir Samuel Stephens Marling, Gloucestershire West, 1871William Thackeray Marriott, Brighton, 1880Hugh Mason, Ashton-under-Lyne, 1880William Nathaniel Massey, Tiverton, 1880Thomas William Chester-Master, Cirencester, 1880Alexander Matheson, Ross and Cromarty, 1880Sir Herbert Eustace Maxwell, Wigtownshire, 1880John Heron-Maxwell, Kirkcudbright, 1880Wellwood Herries Maxwell, Kirkcudbright, 1872John William Mellor, Grantham, 1880Thomas Walton Mellor, Ashton-under-Lyne, 1870 and 1877 (accompanied by long copy ALS from George Mellor to H. Gartside, dated 25 June 1871)George Melly, Stoke-on-Trent, 1871 and 1874Robert Tweedie Middleton, Glasgow, 1880Sir Frederick Acclom Milbanke, Yorkshire North Riding, 1875Sir Charles Henry Mills, Kent West, 1880Thomas Alexander Mitchell, Bridport, 1870Francis Monckton, Staffordshire West, 1880Charles James Monk, Gloucester, undated (on complaints form also signed by Edmund Potter, Carlisle)Lord Robert Montagu, Huntingdonshire, 1873Lord Moreton, Gloucestershire West, 1880George Osborne Morgan, Denbighshire, 1873Arnold Morley, Nottinghamshire, 1880Samuel Morley, Bristol, 1880Anthony John Mundella, Sheffield, 1873Philip Henry Muntz, Birmingham, 1869Charles James Murray, Hastings, 1880Sir Richard Courtenay Musgrave, Cumberland East, 1880Alexander McArthur, Leicester, 1874William McArthur, Lambeth, 1874 and 1876Alexander Macdonald, Stafford, 1880David MacIver, Birkenhead, 1880Robert Bownas Mackie, Wakefield, 1880Charles Fraser-Mackintosh, Inverness, 1880Eneas William Mackintosh, Inverness Burghs, 1873Peter Stewart Macliver, Plymouth, 1880Duncan McLaren, Edinburgh, 1873Aeneas John McIntyre, Worcester, 1880Peter McLagan, Linlithgowshire, undatedCharles McLaren, Stafford, 1880John Morgan McMinnies, Warrington, 1880Charles Newdigate Newdegate, Warwickshire North, 1880Viscount Newport, Shropshire North, undatedWilliam Nicholson, Petersfield, 1871 and undatedWilliam Newzam Nicholson, Newark, undatedErnest Noel, Dumfries, undatedHon. Gerard Noel, Rutland, 1872John Sidney North, Oxfordshire, 1870Sir Stafford Henry Northcote, Devonshire North, 1873 and 1875Henry Stafford Northcote, Exeter, undatedCharles Morgan Norwood, Kingston upon Hull, undatedDenzil Roberts Onslow, Guildford, 1880Arthur Otway, Rochester, undatedSamuel Plimsoll, Derby, 1873Lyon Playfair, Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities, undatedSir Richard Horner Paget, Somerset Mid, 1880Thomas Tertius Paget, Leicestershire South, 1880Sir John Somerset Pakington, Droitwich, 1871 and 1873Sir Lawrence Palk, Devonshire East, 1872Sir Charles Mark Palmer, Durham County North, undatedGeorge Palmer, Reading, undatedJohn Hinde Palmer, Lincoln, 1873Charles Stuart Parker, Perth, undatedWindsor Parker, West Suffolk, 1873Robert William Cochran-Patrick, Ayrshire North, 1880John Wilson-Patten, Lancashire North, 1873Arthur Pease, Whitby, 1880Joseph Pease, Durham County South, 1880John Dick Peddie, Kilmarnock, undatedArthur Wellesley Peel, Warwick, 1870Sir Robert Peel, Tamworth, undated (envelope)Albert Pell, Leicestershire South, 1869Edward Leigh Pemberton, Kent East, 1880John Pender, Wick Districk, 1880Frederick Pennington, Stockport, 1880The Earl Percy, Northumberland North, 1871Robert Needham Philips, Bury, undatedWilliam Henry Berkeley Portman, Dorset, 1873Thomas Bayley Potter, Rochdale, 1880Sir Francis Sharp Powell, West Riding North, 1872Walter Powell, Malmesbury, 1873Walter Rice Howell Powell, Carmarthenshire, undatedGeorge Edward Price, Devonport, 1880Richard Green-Price, Radnorshire, 1880William Edwin Price, Tewkesbury, 1871Lewis Pugh Pugh, Cardiganshire, 1880Sir John Henry Puleston, Devonport, 1880Joseph Pulley, Hereford, 1860 (on letterhead of the Devonshire Club, St James’s)Henry Cecil Raikes, Chester, 1871Pandeli Ralli, Bridport, 1876John Ramsay, Falkirk Burghs, 1880Sir John William Ramsden, Yorkshire West Riding East, 1880James Rankin, Leominster, undatedWilliam Rathbone, Liverpool, 1873Clare Sewell Read, Norfolk South, undatedSir Charles Reed, Hackney, 1872Sir Edward James Reed, Cardiff, 1877Stuart Rendel, Montgomeryshire, undatedGeorge William John Repton, Warwick, undatedHenry Richard, Merthyr Tydvil, 1873Thomas Richardson, The Hartlepools, undatedSir Matthew White Ridley, Northumberland North, 1873Henry William Ripley, Bradford, 1875Charles Ritchie, Tower Hamlets, 1880John Roberts, Flint, undatedHenry Robertson, Shrewsbury, undatedBenjamin Bridges Hunter Rodwell, Cambridgeshire, 1880James Edwin Thorold Rogers, Southwark, undatedJohn Allan Rolls, Monmouthshire, undatedAlexander Henry Ross, Maidstone, 1880Sir Nathan Rothschild, Aylesbury, undatedJames Round, Essex East, undatedCharles Savile Roundell, Grantham, undatedLord Arthur Russell, Tavistock, 1873Sir Charles Russell, Westminster, undatedGeorge William Erskine Russell, Aylesbury, 1880Francis Charles Hastings Russell, Bedfordshire, 1871Joseph d'Aguilar Samuda, Tower Hamlets, 1872Peter Rylands, Warrington, 1872 and 1876Charles Schreiber, Poole, 1880Sir John St Aubyn, Cornwall West, 1872William Molesworth-St Aubyn, Helston, 1880 and 1881Thomas Salt, Stafford, 1871 and 1873Henry Bernhard Samuelson, Frome, 1880Bernhard Samuelson, Banbury, 1872Thomas Kemp Sanderson, Wakefield, undatedViscount Sandon, Liverpool, 1871Edward John Sartoris, Carmarthenshire, 1871George Sclater-Booth, Hampshire North, 1874Lord Henry Scott, Hampshire South, undatedMontagu David Scott, Sussex East, 1880Charles Seely, Lincoln, 1872, 1880 and undatedHenry Selwyn-Ibbetson, Essex West, 1872John Edmund Severne, Shropshire South, 1880Alfred Seymour, Salisbury, 1871Richard Shaw, Burnley, 1871George Storer, Nottinghamshire South, undatedHon. Edward Lyulph Stanley, Oldham, undatedJames Stewart, Grenock, undatedHenry Brinsley Sheridan, Dudley, 1873Hugh Shield, Cambridge, undatedJames Sidebottom, Stalybridge, 1869Sir John Simeon, Isle of Wight, 1871John Slagg, Manchester, undatedAbel Smith, Hertfordshire, 1871Thomas Eustace Smith, Tynemouth and North Shields, 1880John Benjamin Smith, Stockport, 1872William Henry Smith, Westminster, undatedHon. Charles Robert Spencer, Northamptonshire North, 1880Hon. Edward Stanhope, Lincolnshire Mid, undatedWilliam Summers, Stalybridge, undatedWalter Spencer-Stanhope, Yorkshire West Riding South, 1873Sir James Stansfield, Halifax, 1871 and 1873Walter John Stanton, Stroud, 1880Lee Steere, Surrey West, 1873John Cowell Stepney, Carmarthen, 1871James Cochran Stevenson, South Shields, 1872Sir Henry Knight Storks, Ripon, 1871Nevil Story-Maskelyne, Cricklade, 1880Sir Douglas Straight, Shrewsbury, undatedHenry Gerard Sturt, Dorset, 1873Sir George Otto Trevelyan, Hawick, 1873John Gilbert Talbot, Kent West, 1873Peter Alfred Taylor, Leicester, 1871, 1873 and 1876Charles Tennant, Peebles and Selkirk, 1880Robert Tennant, Leeds, 1874John Pennington Thomasson, Bolton, 1880Thomas Charles Thompson, Durham City, 1880Lord Henry Thynne, Wiltshire, undatedWilliam Tipping, Stockport, 1870Frederick James Tollemache, Grantham, 1871William Torrens McCullagh Torrens, Finsbury, 1880John Tremayne, Cornwall East, 1876Philip Twells, City of London, undatedSir Henry Whateley Tyler, Harwich, 1880Sir Harry Verney, Buckingham, 1871Stanley Vickers, Wallingford, undated (giving admission to the Victoria Distillery)Hon. Charles Pelham Villiers, Wolverhampton, 1872 and undatedSir Arthur Pendarves Vivian, Cornwall West, undatedHenry Hussey Vivian, Glamorganshire, 1880Spencer Horatio Walpole, Cambridge University, 1871Hon. Arthur Walsh, Radnorshire, 1871William Walrond, Devonshire East, 1880John Walter, Berkshire, 1880Charles Nicholas Warton, Bridport, 1880Sir Sydney Hedley Waterlow, Dumfriesshire, 1874Edward Watkin, Hythe, undatedJames Watney jr, East Surrey, 1873Edward Waugh, Cockermouth, undatedJohn Webster, Aberdeen, 1880Sir David Wedderburn, Haddington, 1869Thomas Owen Wethered, Great Marlow, 1872George Hampden Whalley, Peterborough, undatedGeorge Hammond Whalley, Peterborough, 1869, 1871 and 1876John Lloyd Wharton, Durham, 1871William St James Wheelhouse, Leeds, undatedSamuel Whitbread, Bedford, 1871James White, Brighton, 1870Edward Whitley, Liverpool, undatedJohn Whitwell, Kendal, 1872Henry Wiggin, Staffordshire East, undatedBenjamin Thomas Williams, Carmarthen, 1880Samuel Charles Evans [sic] Williams, Radnor, 1880Charles James Watkin Williams, Carnarvonshire, 1880Stephen Williamson, St Andrews, undatedWilliam Willis, Colchester, 1880William Henry Wills, Coventry, 1880Sir John Eardley-Wilmot, Warwickshire South, 1880Charles Henry Wilson, Kingston upon Hull, undatedIsaac Wilson, Middlesborough, undatedMathew Wilson, Yorkshire West Riding North, 1874Sir Charles John Wingfield, Gravesend, 1871Rowland Winn, Lincolnshire North, 1873Sir Henry Drummond Wolff, Portsmouth, 1880Henry Woods, Wigan, 1872William Woodall, Stoke upon Trent, undatedSydney [sic] Woolf, Pontefract, 1880Charles Stuart-Wortley, Sheffield, undatedHon. Percy Wyndham, Cumberland West, 1873 and 1877 (on letter to the Superintendent, Dining Room, House of Commons)John Reginald Yorke, Gloucestershire East, 1872 and undatedAdolphus William Young, Helston, 1869George Young, Wigtown Burghs, 1871C. House of Lords35 autographs from peers, mainly granting admission to the Strangers’ Gallery of the House of Lords, and several on House of Lords letterheads. Among them are the following 9 Irish peers:Earl of Bantry, 1870Lord Blayney, 1871Earl of Clanricarde, 1892Earl of Clancarty, 1873Marquis of Dufferin, 1871Viscount Hawarden, 1873Viscount Lismore, 1872Viscount Midleton (Brodrick), 1871Earl of Rosse, 1869The other peers’ autographs include:Earl of Aberdeen, 1873Lord Boston, 1893Earl of Bute, 1871Earl Cairns, undatedLord Camoys, 1870Charles Longley, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1871Earl De La Warr (Backhurst), 1873Marquis of Exeter, undatedEarl of Harrowby, 1873Lord Hatherley, 1871Lord Howard of Glossop, 1873Lord Monson, 1871Lord Northbrook, 1871Duke of Roxburghe (Innes), 1871Lord Romilly, 1869Lord Sackville Cust, undated (signature cut from ALS)Earl of Salisbury, 1873Viscount Sidmouth, 1890Earl of Sheffield, 1870Earl of Verulam, 1872Earl of Winchelsea, 1889 (ANS on letterhead of Haverholme Priory, Sleaford)