[ Dering family collection of British and European porcelain. ] Detailed manuscript catalogue of an extensive collection, compiled by a member of the Dering family, with provenance and prices paid.

[ Dering family; British and European porcelain; ceramics; Duveen; Litchfield; Liverpool; Sir Edward Dering (1732-1798), 6th Bt ]
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Stationer's stamp of 'JAS. HEMMIN, LIVERPOOL' Entries dating from between 1882 and 1943.
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133pp., 12mo. Two leaves of notes inserted, including one headed 'For identification'. In red leather notebook, with covers ruled in gilt. Internally in fair condition, on aged paper, in worn binding damaged at head of spine. A detailed record of an extensive and impressive collection, assembled with great care and discernment, with an indication that this catalogue was intended to provide the material for a more formal one. The compiler is self-identified as a great-grandchild of of Sir Edward Dering (1732-1798), 6th Bt, and the volume contains other clues which should suffice to establish identity. Entries in alphabetical order on rectos, beginning with Alcora, Amstel, Angoulème, Anspach and Aprey (Faience), and ending with Wallendorf, Wedgwood, Warburton, Whieldon, Worcester, Wrotham, Yarmouth and Zurich, followed by eighteen pages of supplementary entries. Details of provenance and price paid are given on the facing versos. The greater part of the volume in the same hand, but with a few entries from the late 1920s and early 1930s in a second hand, and a few more, from 1942 and 1943, in a third, the last lot including items bought from 'Butler Sisters', Dublin, and 'Kahn, Dublin' as well as a 'Present from Mr H. F. Nott Bomford'. The collector is a great-grandchild of Sir Edward Dering (1732-1798), 6th Bt, as the following shows: 'Belonged to my Gt. Grandfather Dering & believed to have come fr his Aunt Lady Hildyard [Mary, wife of Sir Robert Hildyard, and aunt of the sixth baronet]'. Among other indications of provenance are: 'Belonged to my Gt. grandmother Lady M. Price', 'Given by my mother – belonged to Miss Fisher of Walmer [Mary Fisher, wife of Sir Cholmeley Dering?]', 'Belonged to my Gt. grandmother Dering', 'Belonged to my Grandmother Dering'. A number of entries are for family heirlooms rather than purchases. The very first entry is recorded as coming 'From my mother': 'Adams Ware | Writing table set in blue jasper – a half octagonal inkstand, round ink stand, small flat candlestick and spill case | M Adams stamped on 2 small pieces'. Another entry, for '2 small dressing table pots with covers', carries the note: 'This belonged to my Grandmother & used to be on her dressing table'. Others are marked 'Belonged to my grandmother & supposed to be oriental', 'Given by my mother', 'Came I think from my mother 1895', 'No record was in use for afternoon tea', 'From old home Service', 'Belonged to my father','Given to me as a child'. There is a clear Liverpool connection, not only indicated by the identity of the stationer supplying the volume. One of the earliest entries is: 'Choisy | A saucer flowers in blue [maker's mark]' ('Bght in Oxford St. L'pool 1884. Mark not in Chaffers 2[s]. 6[d]'. A Delft plate is said to have been bought for five shillings 'at Kidson's L'pool of a woman' in 1886. Another item is recorded as having been bought in 1890 at the Liverpool address 'Netterfield Rd.' Several purchases are recorded as having been made from the Liverpool dealers Hammond and Joseph, as well as one from 'Duveen L'pool 1902'. Entries indicate purchases made from dealers all over England, and, early on, one from Germany and another from Switzerland. The two earliest entries in the entire volume are for a Dresden 'Dressing table pot & cover Mark cross swords blue' (14s.) and a Dresden 'Figure of girl 4 in high No mark but Nos.' (8s.), both recorded as having been bought 'at Meissen by self 1882'. A handful of purchases made in 1888 from the Swiss dealer Etienne Baud of Lausanne. Numerous purchases are noted from the London dealers Frederick Litchfield (1850-1930) and Sir Joseph Joel Duveen (1843-1908). Among the other English dealers named are: Law, Foulsham & Cole, London; Holmes; Albert Amor, London; Hudson; Isard, Hove; Parker, Hove; Acton, Brighton; Van Koert, Ebury Street, London; Greenwood, Scarborough; Holmes, Eastbourne; Williams, Brighton; Frodsham, Congleton; Alfred Spero, Regent Street, London; Glading, Brighton; Rathbone, Alfred Place; Sutton, Eastbourne; Kidson, Leeds; Sherratt, Chester; Davis, Salisbury; Halliday; Williamson, Guildford; Winton, Battle; Williams, York Street, Worcester; Wordingham, Norwich; Lane, Pavilion Road, Sloane Street, London; Pincher, Norwich; Williams, Chichester; Halliday, Minehead; G. F. Fox, Ship Street; Cox. Purcahses are also made from Cussans, Dublin, and Machon, Guernsey, and Ozouf, Jersey. The most expensive item is a piece of Bristol porcelain: '2 figures boy with dog & girl with do. No mark' ('[Bght fr] Litchfield 1902 [£]30. 0. 0'. Another expensive item is a piece of 'Salt Glaze | […] Tea pot in shape of squirrel with birds etc in bas relief', bought for £25 from Law, Foulsham & Cole, August 1929. And another piece of Bristol ware sold for £18: 'Sacrier with laurel leaves & gold band <?>' ('[Bght fr] Amor 1912'. Among the other prominent entries are two items of Bow porcelain: 'Figure of boy with fruit & dog 8 in Anchor & sword in red + A blue' ('Bght fr Litchfield 1895 belonged to Colquhoun family £14') and 'Figure (4 ½ in) of monk seated & reading a bible No mark' ('[Bght of] Stoner & Evans King St. S.W.1 [£]12. 0. 0'). There are a number of donations. A number of items are noted as gifts from 'Rev. S. Firman', with entries including ' 'In exchange for Dorchester transfer bowl with S. F' and 'From Rev. R. L. 's collection 1903' and 'I think this belonged to Coller & was given to me in 1903 by S. F.', as well as 'S. Firman in 1903', 'given by S. F. 1898' and 'Given by Rev. S. Firman May 1924'. The compiler also notes a gift from 'Miss Dalton' and, as a further aid to identification, several items in a 'Bequest from Miss Lucy Walker received June 1917', including five items of Delft ware.?>