[ Esperanto magazine. ] Number of 'La Vagabondo', the organ of Caroline Oxenford's 'Esperantista Vagabonda Klubo', with full-page illustration by Eric Forbes-Robertson.

Caroline Oxenford (1865-1919) of Hove, Sussex, editor of the Esperanto magazine 'La Vagabondo', organ of 'La Esperantista Vagabonda Klubo' [ Eric Forbes-Robertson (1865-1935), artist and actor ]
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La Esperantista Vagabonda Klubo, 1 Wilbury Avenue, Hove, Sussex. 'Nro. 11' ('Septembro-Oktobro, 1912') from '2-a Serio'. [ 'W. G. Mead & Co., Printers, East Putney, S.W.' ]
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'La Vagabondo' (The Tramp) was the organ of 'La Esperantista Vagabonda Klubo', founded and edited by the artist Caroline Oxenford. Having previously been named 'La Vagabonda Monatajo' (January to March 1908) and 'La Vagabondisto' (April to July 1908), it became 'La Vagabondo' from September 1908. The First World War put an end to both club and magazine. 12pp., 4to., in cream printed wraps carrying advertisements. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Illustration on front cover showing the night-time silhouette of a house against trees. Full-page illustration by Eric Forbes-Robertson ('"Ekamo." | Lignogravurajo. | Speciale farila por "La Vagabondo." | de Sro. Eric Forbes-Robertson.') on p.73, depicting two naked figures in the countryside: a dark longhaired woman baring her breasts at a seated blond man. In addition to the club report by M. S. Rutter, the magazine features contributions by 'Roksano', K. M. Thornton, A. Kuirun, 'Johano', 'Revuisto' and Leo Belmont. From the papers of Eric Forbes-Robertson.