[ Edwin Waugh, Lancashire poet and author. ] Corrected Autograph Manuscript (signed 'Edwin Waugh') of 'Song' beginning 'Come, all you lads that wander free | Among the mountains wild.' With Autograph Letter Signed to Alexander Ireland.

Edwin Waugh (1817-1890), Lancashire poet and author [ Isle of Rum, Inner Hebrides, Scotland ]
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Manuscript of 'Song' dated from 'Isle of Rum [ Inner Hebrides, Scotland ], 10th June, 1882.' Letter to Ireland: Church Road, New Brighton, 16 May 1887.
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ONE: 'Song'. 2pp., 8vo. On two leaves. At end of second page: 'Edwin Waugh | Isle of Rum, 18th June, 1882.' Aged and worn, with slight offsetting from the letter to Ireland (Item Two below). Folded, with closed tears along crease lines. Heavily revised by Waugh throughout. The poem (which is not in dialect) was published in 1885 in the collection 'Fireside Tales' under the title 'Mountaineer's Song', and the present item contains a number of minor variations from the published version, including 'lowly' for the published 'haughty', 'aching' for 'weary', 'knightly' for 'courtly', 'Some grief' for 'Black grief' and 'rippling for 'murmuring'. TWO: Autograph Letter Signed ('Edwin Waugh') to 'Alexander Ireland, Esqr.' 1p., 12mo. Heavily worn and aged. Thanking him for his kindness 'in sending me your valuable pamphlet on “Books for General Readers;” which will be very interesting and useful to me.'