[ Charles Manners, singer with D'Oyly Carte and the Moody-Manners Opera Company. ] Autograph letter Signed ('C Manners') to 'Mr. Streatfield'

Charles Manners (1867-1935), English opera singer, first with D'Oyly Carte, then with his own Moody-Manners Opera Company, run with his wife Fanny Moody [ Gilbert and Sullivan ]
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On letterhead of the Moody-Manners Opera Company, Limited. 19 January 1901.
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2pp., 4to. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Elaborate letterhead headed 'Third Year', with 'Repertoire' (beginning with 'Tristan & Isolda') down left-hand margin. Two printed notices as part of letterhead. First: 'At present the largest English Oper Company that has ever travelled Great Britain | Being played for the first time in the Provinces to the Pitch that the Composers intended their Operas should be Played, viz.; - NORMAL PITCH.' Second, 'The above Company are offering two Prizes of £250 each, and 10% on all profits for two Operas, selected by public competition. One must be written by a British subject, and the other by a foreigner. For particulars apply to Manager.' Written in a large bold hand: 'Alas! Alas!! Mr Humperdinck won't help me and now I am as bad [sic] off as ever'. He is sending Streafield Humperdinck's 'Card minus signature which an ardent autograph hunter has.' Having dispensed with the 'unpleasant news', he thanks him for 'the very kind paragraph in The Daily Graphic', which he feels sure Streatfield put in.