[ Scoresby Routledge, ethnographer and anthropologist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Scoresby Routledge') to Sir Richard Harington ('My dear Dick'), discussing Corsica, his application to join the Athenaeum, and Harington's wife's health.)

William Scoresby Routledge (1859-1939), Australian-born British ethnographer, anthropologist and adventurer [ Sir Richard Harington of Ridlington (1861-1931) 12th Baronet ]
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Hotel Imperial, Ajaccio, Corsica. 9 April 1927.
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2pp., 4to. In good condition, lightly aged. Since arriving on the island three weeks before Routledges have 'chartered a 10 h.p. Citroen Car [and] have explored a great deal of it': 'In an hours time we are starting for the celebrated Straits of Bonifacio for a 3 days Run, The whole island is a juvenile Switzerland.' Their visit is early, 'and many of the cross Roads are not yet passable from & windfalls'. The Routledges have arranged to return to London on 21 April. 'In order that my wife may be uninterupted [sic] in her writing work, we have taken, for the Summer, a small house – Winson Manor, Bibury, Glos. - some 7 miles from Cirencester – so I hope to be able to occasionally run over and have a Chat.' He is sorry to hear the news that Harington's wife has 'not made more progress' healthwise. He hopes that she is strong enough for the change to Folkstone [sic]', and that it will 'set her up'. He asks him not to worry 'about my interests at the Athenaeum: from what the Secretary told me I shall be elected in due course. Keith is a member of the Committee of the Club & one of its Trustees.' Katherine Maria Routledge (1866-1935) was the first person to initiate an archaeological survey of Easter Island. From the Harington family papers.?>