Trade Card of Marlow Brothers of Dublin: 'Engravers, Lithographers, Copperplate Letter Press & General Printers. And Wholesale Paper Dealers'.

Marlow Brothers, nineteenth-century Dublin engravers and printers [ Great Industrial Exhibition, Dublin, 1853 ]
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Dublin: 10, Merchants Quay, opposite the Four Courts. Undated, but with 'Dublin Exhibition 1853' in manuscript on reverse.
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Printed in black on one side of a 9 x 13cm card. In good condition, lightly aged, with patches of light staining. On blank reverse, in a small contemporary hand: 'Dublin Exhibition 1853'.(The firm produced a noteworthy coloured print for the exhibition.) As one might expect from a firm of engravers, some effort has been made in the layout of the card, with a central engraving of the Four Courts seen from over the Liffey surrounded by swirling lettering and flourishes. The firm boasts, in small lettering, of a range of products: 'Marriage Visiting & Business Cards', 'Seals, Dies & Stamps neatly Engraved', 'Bank Notes, Bills, Receipts, Letters of Credit, Invoices Accounts &c.', 'Bank Checks, Bills of Lading, Bills of Exchange Circulars Receipt Boooks &c.' and 'Account Book Manufacturers'. At foot: 'Rentals and Maps in Connection with the Incumbered Estates Court Printed & Lithographed in a Superior manner & on moderate Terms.'