[ Stanley Lees Giffard, editor, journalist ] Autograph Letter Signed "Stanley Lees Giffard" to the Editor of an unnamed periodical, asking for the publication of an article by a Mr Byas on state of Ireland.

Stanley Lees Giffard, Editor, St James's Chronicle and the Standard
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St James Chronicle Office, Bridge Street, Blackfriars [London], Saturday [no date 1824?].
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One page, cr. 8vo, possibly laid down in album previously (residue of glue etc),chipped with minor loss of text, text clear. "I took the liberty to send to you [...] the Revd Mr [Ryan?Byas?] prize Essay upon the State of Ireland for your consideration. I have had a very pressing letter on the subject from Mr [Ryan?Byas?] who resides in Ireland and I therefore beg leave to ask what has been your decision - I wish also to repeat my offer [word lost] undertake the whole risk cost and [trouble?] of the [letters lost][?] if I can obtain for the [?] the advantage of proceeding from your Harp." There is note by the address "Declined publishing the Essay and returned it March 13 1824 to Mr Giffard". According to the old DNB "He contributed articles to the ‘Quarterly’ and ‘Blackwood,’ which suggests that he might have submitted this essay to one of them.