Printed item: 'Government of India. | Legislative Department. | List of Additional Members of the Council of the Governor General. | (Exclusive of the Lieutenant-Governor.)'

Council of the Governor General, Government of India Legislative Department [ Sir John David Rees (1854-1922), colonial administrator and author ]
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'The 23rd January, 1897.' [ G. I. C. P. O. [i.e. Government of India Central Printing Office ] - No. 487 L. D. - 25-1-97.[i.e. 25 January 1897 ] - 100. [i.e. 100 copies ] - B. N. D.'
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2pp., folio. In fair condition, lightly aged, with traces of mount adhering the reverse of the leaf, which carries the title, date and slug. The information is arranged in a table with 16 entries: six 'Official Members' and ten 'Non-Official Members'. Columns for 'No.', 'Name', 'Date of Nomination', 'Date of expiry of term of office', 'Province or body represented'. A mixture of English and Indian individuals. Some notes in small print at foot. From the papers of Sir J. D. Rees, who as 'J. D. Rees, C.I.E.' of 'Madras' is fourth in the list of Official Members, having been nominated 11 October 1895, with term of office expiring 10 October 1897. No other copy traced, either on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC.