Report on 'Code of Criminal Procedure, 1882, Amendment Bill', published in 'Abstract of the Proceedings of the Council of the Governor-General of India, Assembled for the Purpose of making Laws and Regulations.'

S. Harvey James, Secretary to the Government of India, Legislative Department; J. F. Price, Chief Secretary [ Madras: Fort St. George Gazette ]
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Fort St. George Gazette Supplement. Tuesday Evening, May 1, 1894. [ Madras: Printed and Published by the Superintendent, Government Press. ]
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4pp., folio. Unbound bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with stub from mount adhering along inner edge of reverse of second leaf, and unrelated newspaper cutting tipped in onto margin of cover. Reproducing a long speech by Sir Antony MacDonell, with responses by Dr. Rashbehary Ghose and the Lieutenant-Governor. Scarce: with few physical copies surviving. From the papers of Sir J. D. Rees.