[ Anderson's College, Glasgow. ] First Class Certificate of Merit awarded to Oliver Sunderland, and signed by James Dunlop, Professor of Surgery. With certificate authorising Sunderland as a 'Public Vaccinator', signed by Dr Robert Cory.

James Dunlop, Professor of Surgery, Anderson's College, Glasgow; Robert Cory, Medical Officer of the Privy Council and Local Government Board [ Oliver Sunderland; University of Glasgow ]
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Certificate from Anderson's College, Glasgow, for session 1880-81, undated. Certificate from Robert Cory, Medical Officer to the Privy Council, London, 15 December 1887, 'Printed by Ford & Tilt for Her Majesty's Stationery Office, Long Acre, W.C.'
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Anderson College was founded in 1796 following the will of John Anderson, Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. Initially known as Anderson’s Institution, in 1828 it changed its name to Anderson’s University and finally to Anderson’s College in 1877. Its medical school was founded in 1800 when Dr John Burns commenced lectures on anatomy and surgery. In 1887 the medical school of Anderson’s College became a separate and distinct institution known as Anderson’s College Medical School. It merged with Glasgow University in 1947. ONE: Printed certificate, completed by Dunlop in autograph, for the 'Surgery Class. | Anderson's College, Glasgow. | Session [1880-81]'. In black ink on one side of a 17 x 25 cm piece of paper, backed with red cloth on which are stamped in gilt the words 'ANDERSONS | COLLEGE. | GLASGOW.' In good condition, lightly aged and worn. An attractive item, including an engraving of the framed head of 'John Anderson, Founder | 1795'. The text reads: '[First] Class Certificate of Merit awarded to Mr. [Oliver Sunderand] for excelling at the Examinations of the Class. | [James Dunlop MD] | Professor of Surgery.' TWO: Printed 'Certificate after Examination', completed in autograph by Cory. On one side of a piece of 18 x 17 cm grey paper. Slug: 'Printed by Ford & Tilt for Her Majesty's Stationery Office, Long Acre, W.C.' Cory, 'being authorised by the Privy Council to give to persons whom I have examined in the practice and principles of Vaccination such certificates of proficiency as shall qualify them', does so for Sunderland, as he has, in front of Cory, 'performed the operation of vaccinating, and that of charging ivory points (or capillary tubes) with lymph'. Signed 'Robt Cory'.