[ H. H. Asquith, Liberal Prime Minister. ] Autograph Card to his 'Darling' [ i.e. his wife Margot Asquith ]

H. H. Asquith [ Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith ] (1852-1928), Liberal Prime Minister [ Margot Asquith, Countess of Oxford and Asquith [ née Tennant ] (1864-1945) ]
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'Fr. 27 Ap 06' [ i.e. 27 April 1906 ] On embossed House of Commons letterhead.
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Written in autograph on both sides of a blank 9 x 11 cm card, with embossed House of Commons device at top left of first page. In good condition, lightly aged. It begins: 'Darling – I am too busy to-day to write. The house is nearly finished, & (I believe) came this morning, as she has no pied à terre. Bob also arrived from his fishing, wh. improved at the end. goes off this evening to Winchester.' He gives the initials (indecipherable) of the individual at whose house he dined two nights before, '& went up to see the Bart & talked with him for some time. He now, & is really better. I was quiute alert about everything. The doctor with whom I had a cosy talk is fairly hopeful. The Cabinet affirmed the Budget to-day.' He has got tickets in the other Ladies Gallery [i.e. to the House of Lords] for my sister, so use yours for Violet & anyone else. Shall see you Monday. Bring up motor.' The card ends, without signature, 'Ever yr own'. From a small collection of Asquith family paoers, also featuring a letter from Margot Asquith to her husband (offered separately).?>?>