[ Sir James Knowles, Victorian architect and journalist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('James Knowles') to Sir J. D. Rees, on his article on 'Hindoo marriages' and marriage of 'Loder' [Lord Wakehurst] and 'Lady Louise' [Lady Louise de Vere Beauclerk].

Sir James Knowles [ Sir James Thomas Knowles ] (1831-1908), Victorian architect and journalist, editor of 'The Nineteenth Century' [ Sir John David Rees (1854-1922), colonial administrator ]
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On letterhead of Queen Anne's Lodge, St. James's Park, S.W. [ London ] 17 October 1890.
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For information on Knowles see his entry in the Oxford DNB, and Priscilla Metcalfe's monograph (OUP, 1980). 1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. The handwriting is not entirely straightforward. He sends 'a thousand thanks' for Rees's 'admirable' article 'on Hindoo marriages', for which he is enclosing a cheque for twenty pounds. He hopes Rees approves of the title. 'The paper will do a great deal of good in cooling somewhat the hot-headed zealots who as usual would tilt wholesale at their Windmills!' He asks for 'anything else equally apposite whenever the occasion arises - of which you will be a completely competent judge'. He ends with personal news regarding attendance of 'Lady Louise's Wedding on the 25th.' (i.e. the marriage of Lady Louise de Vere Beauclerk to the future Lord Wakehurst). He agrees with Rees that 'Loder is a lucky man at any rate so far as having a lovely & amiable Bride goes. Whether or not she has it in her to become as wise as she is beautiful is another question.' From the Rees papers.