[ James Kenney, Irish dramatist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. Kenney') [ to John Black, editor of the 'Morning Chronicle'?], defending himself and explaining his views on theatre critics and the press, in response to an article.

James Kenney (1780-1849), Irish dramatist [ John Black (1783-1855), editor of the Morning Chronicle ]
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21 October 1826. No place.
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3pp., 4to. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with unobtrusive spike hole. In a close, difficult hand. The letter begins: 'It is with surprize that I observe in the regard of the Morning Chronicle on my new piece (Comedy or farce) of the Green room, that I am charged with allusions derogatory to those Gentlemen whose duty it is to report upon the state of our Theatres. This charge, Sir, is certainly founded in misconstruction.' He quotes the 'only passage to which it can refer', continuing: 'Now, Sir, here are two sets of Critics, intimately described: and I do not see any reason why the Gentleman your reporter is to infer that the Clap is to be contemplated in the Hornets, & that the honest Critic to be considered as an <??>'. He continues with the true interpretation, adding: 'I have all my life laboured under the sincere & in some degree irksome feeling, of having to write up to a reputation, which I fear it yet remains for me to justify. | This Reputation I owe, for the most part, to the Press. Wheo then has a better right to put these into the mouth of a young Dramatist. And I beg the Gentleman your Reporter to believe that my feelings in this respect are not likely to be altered by the forbearance, from generosity, he has shewn under a Misconstruction, which I hope I have now succeeded in removing.'?>